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We might think we are on the customers’ side whenever we use the language of Customer Experience. But more often it’s the corporate priorities that shine through. In this fascinating criticism, author and consultant Martin Hill-Wilson, exposes the flaws and self-deception inherent in recent developments in customer experience.

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Facebook Ads are, on average, 35% cheaper than other online adverts and the audiences you can target are often unique. If you’re yet advertising on Facebook, you could be missing a serious business opportunity. You can target people who are in long-distance relationships, people who travel often for work, or have friends who recently got engaged. Almost every businesses could benefit from finding new and relevant audiences on Facebook. Here are our top 5 tips for getting value for money…

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Prior to his session at Social Customer Service Summit (London) on 30th April we asked Chris Geddes, Global Director, Social Media & Community Support at Microsoft, about his recent experiences and insights on the development of social customer service. As always, he gave a candid interview.

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