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There’s often a disparity between the metrics that marketers do measure and the metrics they should measure. I suspect most of us have been guilty of this at some point. Your boss (or your clients’ boss) has expectations and these tend to manifest themselves as sales targets. The conversation usually starts with: “did we hit our sales figures this quarter and how can you prove the impact you had on revenue?”

What kind of digital marketing do you engage in for your own business

Our recent research report into how UK digital marketing agencies promote themselves makes for fascinating reading (unless you sell online advertising). What is abundantly clear from the feedback we received from over 130 digital agencies is that digital marketers prefer to use their knowledge and time to attract clients, rather than spend money on marketing.

Growing your digital marketing agency

Marketing consultants spend lots of time helping their clients to find and win customers. But how good are they at their own marketing? And are they making best use of digital marketing opportunities? To find out, Our Social Times teamed up with digital marketing experts, Constant Contact, to ask more than 130 UK marketing consultants and agencies how they promote their own services.

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