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B2B Content Marketing

The history of B2B marketing is not an illustrious one. Most companies have relied on simply pushing out information (in rather boring formats), advertising or attending trade shows to attract new customers. For anyone seeking to take advantage of the phenomenal reach that B2B content marketing now offers, this approach simply won’t cut it. Here are our top tips on making the leap into B2B content.

Effective digital marketing activities

It is often suggested that social media is either a waste of time for businesses (not a view we’d ascribe to!) or relatively ineffective as a marketing channel, largely because of the time it takes to build momentum and the trouble many organisations have in measuring the outcomes. Yet UK digital marketing consultants cite content marketing and social media as their most effective marketing activities. Surprised?

Traackr influencer marketing

In this insightful guest post Nicolas Chabot of Traackr evaluates how the rise of influencer marketing is challenging existing reputation management and social customer service strategies. While social customer service aims to offer the same quality of response at scale, influencer marketing requires special treatment for your most valuable social media contacts. A clash of cultures or an opportunity?

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