10 Useful Social Networking Statistics for 2014

How are people using the leading social networks? We've been poring through Pew Internet's latest research findings and have picked out ten key findings (to save you the...

Top Social Networks 2014

How are we using the leading social networks in 2014? We’ve been poring through Pew Internet’s latest research findings and have picked out ten key findings (to save you the bother).

Top Social Networks 2014

  1. Pinterest (21%) is now more popular than Twitter (18%) among Internet users. 
  2. Women are four times more likely to be Pinterest users than men.
  3. Facebook is ageing. 45% of Internet users aged 65+ use Facebook.
  4. Pinterest attracts older people. Twitter and Instagram are still youth dominated networks, but 23% of Internet users aged 50+ use Pinterest.
  5. Contrary to popular belief, most people aren’t using multiple social networks. Over 50% of Internet users either don’t use any social networks, or use just one (i.e. Facebook).
  6. Facebook and Instagram users are the most engaged. Around 60% of their users sign in every day (compared to 46% of Twitter users)
  7. Almost all social networkers use Facebook. In fact, over 80% of ‘other’ social network users also use Facebook.
  8. Instagrammers also use Twitter. There is a 50% crossover between the networks.
  9. Pinterest and LinkedIn are stand-alone networks. There is much less crossover usage with other networks (except Facebook).
  10. Pinterest and LinkedIn users are wealthier than the other networks with a high percentage earning over $75000 PA.

You can read the full report from Pew Internet here and the TechCrunch review here.

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  6. Digital Insights Reply

    Thanks for sharing these statistics. It throws light on these social networks and in comparison to all other networks, Pinterest has shown some serious growth!

  7. Frances Nevarez Reply

    Any stats on kids (13-18 yrs) and social networks

  8. Amy Williams Reply

    Thank you so much for this, I am a young creative with a background in PR, Comms, Executive Recruitment, marketing & expanding more into online marketing in particular. I found this article to be very accurate and useful. I am using some of your finding for a presentation I am doing for an Event in NZ Inspired Women, I have made mention of your site for my views. I am also relocating to the UK in May so will continue to follow you on twitter, google + and e-news 🙂

  9. Patrick Reply

    These statistics are garbage. : “Facebook is ageing. 45% of Internet users aged 65+ use Facebook.” That statistic is completly irrelevent to the statement. It would be relevant if the statement was about retired people that uses internet. But that statement is about facebook. All the stat says is 1 out of 2 retired person that uses internet has a facebook account. It has nothing to do with facebook itself.

    1. Luke Brynley-Jones Reply

      You should probably read the full report for the actual stats Patrick. This is a summary – so doesn’t include the full details.

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