13 Essential Facebook Social Commerce Tips & Statistics

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With thousands of companies rushing to integrate their sales operations into Facebook, few have stopped to analyse exactly what to expect from the new age of social commerce. To fill this vacuum in knowledge (and common sense) Havas Media have just published the findings of a survey. This offers a few sobering facts while confirming what many of us probably knew already: special offers and group deals work, over-selling and expensive products don’t.

Here are the 13 key take-away findings:

1. Don’t expect to sell via Facebook yet
89% of social network members have never bought anything on Facebook and 44% aren’t interested in doing so.

2. Make it exclusive to Facebook
25% of people said they would purchase a product if it wasn’t available elsewhere.

3. Make it exclusive to Fans
11% said they would buy something that was only offered to fans.

4. Make it easy
17% of people said they would buy via social networks if it was easier than buying via a normal ecommerce site.

5. Make sure you’re trusted
22% of people said they would buy from Facebook if it was from a brand they knew and trusted.

6. Use recommendations
53% of people said they were more likely to buy from a brand if it was recommended by a friend. If you haven’t considered Facebook’s Sponsored Stories, you might want to.

7.Offer group discounts
60% of men and 48% of women see a group discount as a big incentive to buy a product. Good news for Groupon, Facebook Deals, Google Offers etc.

8. Run special offers
77% of people like getting exclusive offers that they can redeem via Facebook.

9. Target users better
70% of people say they are more likely to buy things on Facebook is the offers were based on previous their buying behaviour – i.e. targeted.

10. Try location marketing
55% of people say they would “check in” to a location to benefit from a special offer.

11. Make it easy to redeem special offers
40% of people have received a special offer on Facebook and 40% of these people (16% overall) have redeemed a special offer.

12. Don’t sell expensive things on Facebook
On average, people say they will spend up to $85 (£50) on Facebook.

13. Don’t spam and don’t bore
30-35% of people un-like/unfollow brands that post too often or are repetitive.

Amy Kean of Havas Media will be taking part in a panel discussion “Is Social Commerce the Future of e-Commerce” at Social Media Marketing & Monitoring 2011 (London) on 19th Sept. Join Amy, along with Charles Arthur (The Guardian), Neville Hobson and others, for this unique 1-day event.

7 thoughts on “13 Essential Facebook Social Commerce Tips & Statistics

  1. Nathan Williams

    Good article! Found this one too – which is not a bad 101 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MlW1djomZQ

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