23% of people complain online out of vengeance

Have you ever wondered who complains the most online? Well, now we know: older men. At our Delivering Effective Webcare seminar in Amsterdam yesterday, Olga ter Voert from TNS NIPO provided a wealth of amazing insights.

Where customers choose to complain

In her short presentation, titled Missed Opportunities in Webcare (the Dutch term for social customer service) Olga described how her company conducted a research study into 2000 social media complaints made across 10 industries. The aim was to explore who complains, why, and how complainants want companies to respond. Here are some of the answers:

  1. Rather than women or Internet-savvy youths, older men are the most likely demographic group to complain online.
  2. 30%  of people post online to vent negative feelings and 23% post purely for vengeance.
  3. 71% post their complaint online as a result of failing traditional customer service. This message was repeated by our other speakers during the seminar.
  4. Brands need to monitor the wider social web to find out where their customers are posting: 10% of people post to review sites, 12% to forums and 2% to blogs.
  5. Consumers choose to complain on specific channels based on their motives. For example, those seeking vengance post to a social network, rather than the corporate website.
  6. Overall 70% of complainants hope to receive a response, while just 38% receive one.
  7. According to TNS NIPO, the success of the response is determined by 3 factors: (1) the speed of the response time (2) the quality of the solution provided, and  (3) how the response is provided. Olga described this last point as Hostmanship, i.e. how well you provide the human touch.
  8. Net Promoter Score (NPS), the willingness of consumers to recommend the brand, can be doubled (3.4 to 7.2) by combining these three factors to good effect.
  9. Evidence shows that, for consumers, webcare is the last chance the company gets.
  10. For brands, webcare is an opportunity to turn critics around. Sadly, the figures show that most still fail at doing this.

Olga ter Voert - webcare Amsterdam

The research in her presentation is available (in Dutch) on the Frankwatching website. For more information about how TNS can monitor the quality of your webcare, please visit the website or contact Olga directly.

Olga’s presentation was one of five made by our excellent speakers at this event, sponsored by Genesys. We’ll be posting about the others over the coming week.

We are currently running a series of free webinars and seminars covering social business and social customer service. Join us at our next one via our events page.

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