5 Outstanding Facebook Marketing Case Studies

We've highlighted 5 of the best Facebook Marketing case studies, including Oreo, Grey Poupon, AirAsia and CIL. Each had different budgets, different goals and very different methods.

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We’ve scoured through the winners of the 2013 Facebook Studio Awards and picked out 5 of our favourite Facebook marketing case studies.

They all had different budgets, different goals and very different ways of achieving them. Whilst some involved creating custom Facebook apps and running competitions, others were simply about increasing engagement in the Newsfeed. All of them were creative, ambitious and had real impact.

    1.  Oreo’s Daily Twist

Oreo has a great reputation for creative social media marketing. Their simple “you can still dunk in the dark” tweet won them huge praise and exposure during the Super Bowl blackout, whilst other companies were paying an average of $4 million for a TV advert.

Their recent Oreo Twist campaign was another outstanding success. To celebrate its 100th birthday, Oreo produced 100 Facebook Posts in 100 days that turned trending news stories into “visual treats”.

As a result of the campaign, Oreo garnered over 231 million media impressions from over 2,600 articles. They increased their Facebook fans by over a million and increased their Facebook engagement by 195%. They also increased their share rate by 280%, with each post being shared an average of 1,472 times.

    2.  A little village goes global

Graubünden is a charming Swiss village with 76 residents, a hotel and until recently, not many visitors. To help boost tourism in the area, they launched an innovative Facebook campaign that offered a personal touch.

“We realized that there are many Facebook fans who click the Like button, but who never gain any real connection to the brand.”

To do this, they posted a photo of every Facebook fan to the village noticeboard. It didn’t take long to fill the board, but residents remained true to their promise and began displaying profile pictures on buildings all over the village.

The Facebook Page now has over 45,000 Facebook fans and visits to the Graubünden tourism website have increased by 250%.

    3.  Society of good taste

Many companies will do whatever it takes to solicit Facebook Likes, but US mustard company Grey Poupon took a very different and rather refreshing approach.

The brand had always positioned itself as a refined and sophisticated condiment for the more cultured among us, which is not something associated with the average Facebook user. To maintain their image online, they made Facebook users apply to join their community.

Their customer built Facebook app assessed users profiles to determine how classy they were based on grammar, misspellings, art taste, education, music selection, movie choices, restaurant check-ins, cities visited, books read, etc. If you didn’t make the cut, Grey Poupon deleted your like.

Those who were deemed worthy and accepted into the community could then receive exclusive prizes, such as the ‘Gravy Yacht’  – the classier relative of the gravy boat.

Gravy Yacht

    4.  Paint chip colours for men

Research showed that while men are usually involved in the purchase and labour of painting, they’re not overly enthused by the planning process. To help remedy this CIL, a Canadian paint company, created a Facebook app and invited people to create more ‘manly’ paint colour names. Notable examples include ‘beer foam’; ‘razor burn’; ‘hockey puck’; and ‘pansy violet’.

Over a 45-day period and on a small budget, the campaign generated well over $1,000,000 in earned media exposure, 100 million online impressions and most importantly, a 10% increase in sales. There were:

  • Over 15,000 paint chip names created
  • Over 20,000 unique users
  • And the average user spent 10 minutes using the app

    5.  AirAsia Friendsy

is a low cost airline based in Malaysia. When they first launched flights to Australia, they had very little brand awareness and were in a fiercely competitive market. To help raise awareness, they launched a Facebook campaign and gave away a plane.

One Facebook fan and up to 302 of their Facebook friends would be flown to Kuala Lumpa and all they had to do was choose who they would take. The average Facebook user has hundreds of Facebook friends, but how many of them would you actually want to take on holiday? Once you had chosen, you even could allocate seats and share a snapshot of your plane with all those tagged, giving the app great viral capacity.

As a result of the campaign, AirAsia are on track to double the number of daily flights from Sydney. They also:

  • Generated press coverage with a PR value of $1,627,593
  • Grew its Facebook fan base by 30%
  • Received 12,500 entries and reached 2,291,483 people on Facebook

Are there any others you would add to the list? Let us know.

UPDATE: These case studies are a little old now, for some up to date examples, see our Facebook marketing posts.

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