8 Tips for a Successful B2B Content Marketing Campaign

In a recent study, 75% of B2B buyers claimed social media would likely have influence on a future purchase. To help B2B marketers, I’ve put together 8 tips...

In a recent study, 75% of B2B buyers claimed social media would likely have influence on a future purchase. To help B2B marketers, I’ve put together 8 tips on how to run a successful content marketing campaign, based on first-hand experience.

B2B Content Marketing

   1.    Work to targets

Defining what constitutes success is a conversation that should happen at the start, not the end of a campaign.

Make sure everyone is agreed on the targets – whether it’s the number of quotes, demos, downloads, webinar registrations, video views, or the amount of media exposure – and your life will be much easier at the end of the campaign.


   2.    Focus on a niche

Whilst it’s tempting to focus on a broad topic in order to bring in bigger numbers, I prefer to focus on a niche and build a smaller but more targeted list. It means you can really focus in on the target customer and demonstrate your value to them.

As an example, we hosted a webinar last year on Social Media Monitoring and Engagement for Utilities. The event would have been more highly attended if we hadn’t focused in on one industry, but we ended up with registrations from all of the big 6 energy companies and a good proportion of water companies. We went on to repeat this for finance, retail and contact centres.


   3.    Involve independent experts

A great way to improve a content marketing campaign is to involve industry experts that aren’t directly involved in your business. There are 3 big benefits here:

  • It will improve the quality of your content.
  • It will give the campaign more credibility, particularly if they’re a reputable name.
  • It will increase the campaign reach as any contributors will share the content once it’s published.


   4.    Don’t be pushy

People don’t like being sold to. If your content is just a poorly disguised sales pitch it won’t be well received. You need to offer some genuine value to the consumer, so make sure content is interesting, useful or entertaining – or even better, a mixture of all three. See this post on ‘3 Ways to Take the Boring out of B2B Content Marketing‘ for some inspiration.


   5.    Repurpose content

Make life as easy as possible by repurposing and shattering existing content. A webinar can easily be used as the basis for a White Paper, which can then be split into blog posts and then be split further into tweets or Facebook posts. Meanwhile, the original webinar could be split into bite size sections and uploaded to YouTube or SoundCloud. A single piece of content can be used in dozens of different ways.


   6.    Advertise

It’s almost always worth putting a bit of money behind your campaign. The targeting available via LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook ads is excellent and can deliver superb value for money. Again, the key is to make sure that you’re offering something valuable and not just promoting yourself.


   7.    Follow-up

This may seem obvious, but I’ve previously delivered a substantial number of highly targeted leads to a client who was later disappointed that they didn’t actually make any sales. When I asked what their sales team had done to follow up with the leads, we were told; “nothing”.


   8.    Keep the momentum going

Don’t treat campaigns in isolation. We recently went to see a prospective client that was keen to tell us all about a Twitter campaign they did last year. When I took a look at their Twitter profile and noticed that they hadn’t tweeted in 6-months, they said “the campaign finished”.

Companies need to keep the momentum going at the end of a campaign and build on it. If you disappear at the end of your campaign, you’ll have to start from scratch again next time around.


If you’re looking for help with a B2B content marketing campaign, get in touch for an informal chat.

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