Agorapulse: Facebook Management with Apps and ROI Measurement

You might not have heard of Agorapulse. It’s one of a new breed of social media management tools that, rather than catering for multiple networks, focuses 100% on Facebook....

Agorapulse dashboard - Click to enlarge

Agorapulse dashboard (Click to enlarge)

You might not have heard of Agorapulse. It’s one of a new breed of social media management tools that, rather than catering for multiple networks, focuses 100% on Facebook. It’s genial founder, Emeric Ernoult, says it’s designed to be useful, easy-to-use and good value – and with clients like McDonalds and Virgin, they must be doing something right. Agorapulse exhibited at our Social CRM event in Paris last year and we’ve finally got around to trying out the app.

The basic Agorapulse dashboard (above) is designed to enable you to manage your Facebook Pages. You can publish posts, view statistics (with a selection of line charts and tables), filter and rank your fans, compare your page(s) with those of competitors, analyse fan activity and export the data.

So far so good – but the feature I really like is ROI Measurement (see below), which lets you assign values to different KPIs – e.g. engaging, clicking a link or expressing positive sentiment – and gives you an indication of what your Facebook Page is really worth to you. I’ve always been pretty sceptical of ROI-calculators for the simple reason that nobody values the same thing equally, but putting control into the hands of the user gets around this. Obviously you still have to figure out how much a click or comment is worth to you, but ifyou pay $1.30 for every click-thru from Google Adwords, you immediately have a solid figure on which value of referrals from your Facebook Page.


Agorapulse ROI Calculator
Agorapulse ROI Calculator - Click to enlarge

As we know, the success of most Facebook pages depends on driving engagement, so it makes sense that Agorapulse also provides a range of “Applications”, such as Contests, Quizzes, Sweepstakes and Petitions, that users can simply add to their Pages and start driving engagement. These are simple tools, but tied in with the monitoring, analytics and ROI measurement, creates a really powerful suite of features.

So how much do you pay for all this? Well, the basic tool is $14/month (Bronze Package) and that includes all the core management tools and content apps. If you want the advanced apps (quizzes etc.) and Fan analysis you’ll need to upgrade to the Gold Package. For the ROI Measurement and full configuration features you’ll need to pay up to $360/month, which seems pretty reasonable and, unlike some other Facebook management solutions, easy to calculate.

If you’re serious about your Facebook presence, Agorapulse is definitely worth looking into. From my perspective any tool that takes 1 minute to register for and 5 mins to figure out how to use – and delivers a valuable service – is a real contender.

We’re going to be doing reviews of various social media management tools over the coming weeks. In the meantime feel free to provide feedback on the tools you use – both positive and negative. [Vendors: No blatant pitches, please].

Disclosure: Agorapulse is one of Our Social Times’ sponsors. Our Next event is The Social Customer, in London on 29th March.

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  1. Avatar

    Lisa Peyton Reply

    Nice post on one of my FAVE Facebook management platforms – AgoraPulse. I really love the easy to install content apps and the stats on ‘earned media’ or ROI from your Facebook page. Thanks for the review! 

  2. Avatar

    Mike Reply

    Is anyone using this for recruitment ROI?

    1. Avatar

      eernoult Reply

      Hi Mike, what do your mean by recruitment ROI?

  3. Avatar

    Delfin Vassallo Reply

    Tool looks nice on the paper – as many others – should give a try to get a better insight. Is there a trial account offered?

    1. Avatar

      Luke Brynley-Jones Reply

      Yes – there’s a 14-day trial. We’re using it for a few clients. Good so far.

      1. Avatar

        Delfin Vassallo Reply

        cool, will try it! thanks

  4. Avatar

    easypayway Reply

    I think your blog will easily get more traffics with good branding because its having the good information. so most of them likes your informative blog.