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How can social media moonitoring help you to identify the most influential people in your industry? These articles should help you answer that question.

Traackr influencer marketing

In this insightful guest post Nicolas Chabot of Traackr evaluates how the rise of influencer marketing is challenging existing reputation management and social customer service strategies. While social customer service aims to offer the same quality of response at scale, influencer marketing requires special treatment for your most valuable social media contacts. A clash of cultures or an opportunity?

Whos viewed your updates

As they announced earlier in 2013, LinkedIn has been trialling a new reach metric for personal status updates called “Who’s viewed your updates”. This is great news for anyone using LinkedIn for marketing. For anyone who uses LinkedIn as a marketing channel – and that ought to include every B2B marketeer and quite a few […]

Influencer marketing seems to be the beginning of something big and, if the signs are right, we’re only at the tip of the iceberg. It’s advocates would have us believe that it’s set to alter the way that marketeers earn money, spend money, spend their day and cater to their customers. For those unfamiliar with it, it’s both exciting and worrying.

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