Wikipedia has 28 million pages in 285 languages and attracts over 470 million monthly visitors.

The online encyclopedia is consulted 3000 times a second and tends to rank very highly in search engine results. It is the first point of reference for many and having a well-written and properly managed Wikipedia page can be very beneficial to businesses.

Wikipedia articles must meet a strict set of guidelines and are closely scrutinised by Wikipedia’s community of self-appointed editors. This is where we can help. We can write compelling articles for you company, products or executives and ensure that they are 100% compliant with Wikipedia rules.

But our work does not stop there. We will be notified when any changes are made by other editors and if these changes are not objective or representative of your brand, we will ensure that they are altered or removed.

We will also keep your article up-to-date by adding new material relevant to your company, whilst at all times ensuring it compliant with Wikipedia policies.

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