Do Facebook ‘Likes’ Mean Loyal Customers? [Infographic]

Why do customers ‘like’ a brand on Facebook? And how do brands respond? Using recent research by the CMO Council, we set out to produce this infographic as a thought-provoking reminder as to why brands need to engage with their fans on social media.

The top motivation for ‘liking’ a brand’s Facebook page is because you are a loyal customer, but brands are failing to engage these customers and are missing the opportunity to deepen their relationship. Only 1.3% of ‘fans’ actually engage with the brands they ‘like’.

The reason this is so low? Customers expect something in return for their click and, in general, they aren’t getting it. Over two-thirds say that they expect to be eligible for exclusive offers via social media, but less than a quarter of brands actually offer this. Brands need to give something back, whether it’s exclusive offers, content, prize draws or otherwise.

Perhaps the biggest mistake brands tend to make is overloading their ‘fans’ with marketing. Excessive posting and irrelevant content are the main reasons why customers click the ‘unlike’ button.

We’re going to be digging into this more in two free webinars we’re hosting over the coming month. If you’d like to know more about the science and emotion of social media, join us for these:

  • May 9th – The Science of Social: How to Analyse & Optimise Your Campaigns to Increase ROI.
  • June 20th – The Emotion of Social: How to Identify & Reward True Advocates

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