Upcoming Social Media Events


30th April - 1st May


Social Customer Service Summit 2015

Join us for the UK's leading social customer service conference. Featuring speakers from BT, Microsoft, BSkyB, The Royal Mail, Barclays and AIB, plus a Master-class on 'Creating Your Social Hub', SCSS15 is a must-attend event.


28 April 2015


#TotalSocialMedia: Innovative content marketing ideas and techniques

Content marketing is big. Really big. You just won’t believe how vastly, hugely, mindbogglingly big it is – and that presents a real problem for content marketers. How do you get your content to stand out from all of the white noise?


13 May 2015


Growing your digital marketing agency: what services should you offer?

As a marketing consultant or agency, how do you determine what services to offer? Do you specialise or does this go against the multi-channel strategy? Join this fascinating discussion between Luke Brynley-Jones, Tamsin Fox-Davies and Lilach Bullock as they examine the advantages of specialising vs. generalising and how to add more services to your existing repertoire. Not to be missed!


21st May 2015


Social Media Advertising Master-class

Social media advertising can be a cost effective way to build awareness of your product, get more people to recognise your brand, and only target potential customers with specific interests. Is your business utilising the advertising options available within the main social media platforms? This Master-class is designed to teach you exactly how best to go about advertising, best practice and how to convert.

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