Facebook changes to comments will make social customer service easier

Given the constant changes and updates that Facebook spring upon us, it is rather surprising that Facebook comments have remained untouched for so long. It now looks like an overhaul could be on its way as Facebook are testing ‘ranked comments’ in their latest bid to boost engagement.

Comments will no longer appear in strict chronological order. The most engaging comments will appear higher up, based largely on the number of likes or hides they have received.

In their statement to Mashable, Facebook also confirmed that “you will be able to reply to individual comments as well as the original post.

This is great news for brands using Facebook for social customer service. Happy or disappointed customers are not likely to run to your wall to sing your praises or vent their frustrations, they are more likely to interact with you via your posts. This has always made responding to feedback and complaints difficult. There could be tens of other comments between you and the comment you are responding to and there’s no guarantee that they will be checking back and actually see your response.

Being able to respond directly changes all this. It will make it much easier for brands to have actual conversations with fans and, if done well, boost customer loyalty.

4 thoughts on “Facebook changes to comments will make social customer service easier

  1. Martin Hill-Wilson


    This is certainly good news and makes the management of Facebook as a customer service channel that little bit easier. I’ll upgrade the social customer service training manual ready for the Paris event end of November accordingly

  2. Anthony Thomas

    Certainly an improvement for native users, but the idea of democratising customer support issues based on popularity doesn’t sit comfortably with me (albeit companies may wish prioritise such comments as they will be more visible) but overall should aim to have sufficient resources to ensure all customers receive a timely response.

    1. Jez Taylor

      Thanks for your comment Anthony. I too hope that companies don’t simply respond to the most popular comments, but so far as customer service is concerned it’s the ability to respond to individual comments that’s the big step forwards.

  3. spark911uk

    Turns out the new comments are making (native users for customer service) lives hell! Facebook rank the comments based on engagement so you need to check every thread of every post to see if there are any new comments – definitely need to use a tool to engage at scale now (and perhaps even for small/medium too).


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