Lanyrd’s integration with LinkedIn is good news for events

Last month LinkedIn shut down its events app, creating an excellent opportunity for Lanyrd to step in and fill the void. The LinkedIn events app had always been...

Lanyrd & LinkedIn Integration

Last month LinkedIn shut down its events app, creating an excellent opportunity for Lanyrd to step in and fill the void.

Lanyrd & LinkedIn Integration

The LinkedIn events app had always been rather basic and hidden away, but it was still a useful tool for marketing events. To the frustration of many it was closed down on November 26th, leaving a significant hole in its place. Lanyrd quickly took advantage of this by announcing LinkedIn integration, which is good news for event organisers and attendees alike.

As a result of the move Lanyrd has loosened its ties with Twitter. Previously users could only register through Twitter, but now they can use LinkedIn or even an old-fashioned username and password. Given the professional nature of LinkedIn it is surely a much better fit for B2B conference organisers.

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Using LinkedIn data, Lanyrd offers a richer way of finding and publicising events. As a delegate the site can dig into your connections, groups and activity in order to give you specific recommendations for events you should be attending. It will also tell you which of your connections are also attending an event, which is useful for spotting networking opportunities.

Speaker Profile

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As a speaker you can curate a profile on Lanyrd detailing the events you’re speaking at and your specialities. After the event you can upload slides and videos of your talks.

From an event managers perspective, the event listing section is much the same (with basic listing and the ability to pay to promote an event) but a key new and powerful feature is the ability for users to sign up for weekly emails, which will send you recommendations based on your LinkedIn profile.  Provided you write up detailed events listings with the right keywords you will increase your chances of being found and making your way through to the weekly email.

Here at Our Social Times we run several social media events through the year and were sad to see the events app disappear from LinkedIn as it was useful in allowing attendees to get to know each other before events. Despite our initial frustration at losing our events from LinkedIn, this integration has created a good opportunity. The LinkedIn events app was well overdue an upgrade and was largely text based. It will be good to see some of Lanyrd’s more interesting features on LinkedIn. It will also provide a great boost for Lanyrd!

What do you think, is the Lanyrd + LinkedIn partnership interesting, useful, worthwhile? Where do you see them going in the future?

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