Monitoring Social Media 09 – Photos & Presentations

Monitoring_Social_MediaOver 200 delegates from around the world attended our conference Monitoring Social Media 09 yesterday in London, including more than 100 PR and marketing execs, 40 leading brands and 15 social media monitoring companies.

We managed to squeeze 12 presentations and 3 panel sessions into the day without everyone losing the plot – and, with a little help from the energetic Giles Palmer (and his extravagant tache – see the flickr photos) energy abounded throughout the day.

From our live twitter feed (on the big screens) and the general feedback we’ve received, it seems like conference went down really well.  Thank you to everyone who attended and took part!

Special thanks go out to Marshall Sponder who stepped in at the last minute and gave a killer presentation on The Future of Social Media Monitoring, then participated in a great discussion of the same title.  We’d also like to thank our sponsors for the day, Visible Technologies, without whom the food would have been less delicious and the wine glasses a little smaller.

For those who missed it here are some useful links:

We will be posting up and sharing videos of the presentations and interviews with attendees over the coming week (we had another event today – so we’re taking a break tomorrow). We are also taking ideas and suggestions for future events  – so comments please everyone.  Murray Newlands, who attended MSM09, has just started a blog on social media marketing which may be of interest to other attendees.

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