PREVIEW: Social Media Marketing & Monitoring 2011 – New York (12th Oct)

Following sell-out conferences in London and San Francisco, the Our Social Times team is heading to New York for Social Media Marketing & Monitoring 2011 – the next...

Social Media Marketing New York

Following sell-out conferences in London and San Francisco, the Our Social Times team is heading to New York for Social Media Marketing & Monitoring 2011 – the next leg of our social marketing tour. And we’ve got a great show planned…

From Peter Shankman’s keynote on the increasing blend of mobile and ‘customer service marketing’, to Sebastian Hempstead’s master-class on extracting meaning from social media data and NBC’s use of trending content to increase engagement on Facebook – SMM11 NYC will be a jam-packed, parade of valuable insights and first-hand experiences. We have The Ultimate 30-minute Guide to Location Marketing, from the Founder of the Location-Based Marketing Association (LBMA) and tips on how to integrate gaming mechanics to make your marketing more effective.


The Next Revolution Will Occur in Your Pocket
Peter Shankman – The Geek Factory

In this exciting Keynote, Peter Shankman will teach you, using real world examples, that the next revolution won’t occur through PR, or marketing, or advertising, or even social media, but through customer service. Hear how a Steakhouse’s customer service reaction to one single Tweet led to a 125% increase in sales, and how an airline didn’t listen to a customer on distress, but their competitor did, and earned tens of thousands of dollars.

Social Media Overload: How to Filter Actionable Insights from Your Data Stream
Sebastian Hempstead – Brandwatch

In this fascinating presentation Sebastian will show how companies may be missing out on the critical insights and actionable data, especially if they’re too focussed on the big numbers. The talk will include practical examples and useful hints and tips on how you can make the most of your social media monitoring.

How to Empower Your Digital “SuperFans” to Drive Offline Engagement
Josh Richman, WGN America & Keith Blanchard, Story

“Involve the fans” is the sine qua non of digital marketing today. But to date, these participation opportunities have been limited. What happens if you let brand advocates all the way into the tent? In this session Josh Richman of WGN America, Tribune Broadcasting’s national cable network, and Keith Blanchard of Story Worldwide, will show how you can drive offline behavior through digital by involving advocates in the creation of content, and curating the digital communities that form around it.

Discussion: The Future of Social Media Marketing
With the launch of Google+, the battle to control the world’s newsfeeds (or “streams”) has truly begun. But can we handle multiple social networking accounts? Do we really want to segment our friends, fans and followers? Will we ever tire of ‘recommendations’? And, what role will advertising play in the future of social networking? Join Brian Reich and our team of social media experts for this insightful discussion.

Case Study: NBC Uses Trending Content to Increase Engagement
Dan Wooley (NBC News) and Chase McMichael (Infinigraph)

We all know that consumer behaviour is the best barometer to what’s relevant. Actions equal intent, right? In this insightful session well hear how NBCUniversal used social intelligence on trending content to drive more engagement on Facebook, Twitter and on adverts. Their smart approach to content optimisation led to direct, measurable ROI.

Discussion: Is Social Commerce Really the Future of e-Commerce?
A recent report revealed that 89% of people haven’t bought anything through Facebook. In spite of this 25% said they would if the offer was exclusive and 17% would if buying was made easier than traditional e-commerce. So, should we expect to make sales on social networking sites, or not? Our panel, including Andrew Beranbom (Co-Founder & VP Business Development, Extole, Inc.), will explore the future of social commerce, highlight the risks and offer guidance for selling within a social media environment.

B2B Social Media Marketing: Humanizing Your Company
Christine Perkett – Perkett PR

Social media has become the fastest way to humanize your brand. Once “faceless” corporations are embracing transparency and authenticity and engaging with their customers. By by-passing the call center, by responding as real people and by adding a touch of humour, companies are increasing customer loyalty. In this session Christine shows how brands are shifting from staunch, corporate entities to humanized, “socialized” powerhouses.

The Ultimate 30-Minute Guide to Location Marketing
Asif Khan – Location Based Marketing Association

With the unstoppable rise of the smart phone, location marketing has finally arrived. But which social networks should you use? What kind of activity works best? And what results should you expect? In this session Asif Khan, one of America’s leading Location Marketers, offers an essential, one-stop guide to getting started in social location marketing.

Combining Social Media & Email Marketing
Josh Mendelsohn – Constant Contact

We all know that email is one of the best ways to get your message heard. But social media is one of the best ways to get that message to spread. When businesses leverage both channels in an integrated marketing campaign, it can dramatically increase the impact of their campaigns. In this fact-packed session, Josh will explain how to combine email and social to win new customers.

Discussion: How to identify & Engage with Social Media Influencers
How should you identify the key online influencers in your industry? What’s the best way to approach them? And can you really score online influence? In this topical panel discussion, we ask our hand-picked team of experts, including Marshall Sponder (author of Social Media Analytics) and Pierre-Loic Assayag (CEO, Traackr), what social media influence really means for marketers. Expect fireworks and a suitcase full of actionable take-away’s.

Tickets are available online now for Social Media Marketing & Monitoring 2011 New York. You might also like to attend Social CRM 2011 New York.

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