Roundup: Mark Zuckerberg’s interview at TechCrunch Disrupt

Mark Zuckerberg’s interview at TechCrunch Disrupt headlines the social media news this week…

Facebook stock rises following Zuckerberg interview

After his first public interview since the company’s IPO, Facebook stock rose 8.9% to $21.16 per share. As TechCrunch report, it is meaningless if stock returns to its downward trajectory over the next few days, but Facebook will be hoping that the interview has changed investors’ perception of Zuckerberg. Will he now be seen as a mature, professional CEO?


No Facebook phone

During the interview, Zuckerberg also quashed rumours of a Facebook phone, saying that “It’s always been the wrong strategy for us”. Instead, the focus is on improving mobile apps by building a system “which is as deeply as possible integrated into every major device people want to use.”


New YouTube iPhone app

YouTube have introduced a new iPhone app, available for free download in the App Store. As Mashable explain, there has been a YouTube app since the first iPhone, but it was made by Apple not YouTube. It also featured ‘an infamously poor selection’ of videos.


Instagram logo

Facebook and Instagram deal complete, as Instagram passes 5 billion photos

Last week Facebook’s takeover of Instagram was officially completed. According to The Next Web, Facebook have confirmed that they will keep the two businesses separate and will focus on growing Instagram independently. The same day, Instagram announced that over 5 billion photos have been shared through their app.


Instagram coming to Windows phone?

There are also reports that Instagram will be making its way onto Windows phones by the end of 2012. The Verge claim to have confirmed the move after a Nokia promotional video (above) accidentally showed the app running, although they do accept that the app could be Vimeo.


Pinterest accounts hacked

The Next Web have noticed a large number of people complaining of hacked Pinterest accounts. Just search for ‘Pinterest Hacked’ on Twitter and you’ll quickly see the scale of the problem. Users are complaining about boards being deleted or renamed and ‘dubious adverts’ being posted. As many people have their accounts linked to Facebook and Twitter, the spam is also flowing onto those sites.

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