Small Business Survey Reveals That 81% of SMEs Now Use Social Media

Small businesses are adopting social media at an extremely rapid rate, according to a Constant Contact survey of 2000 SMEs.

Constant Contact Survey Infographic

My friends at Constant Contact recently published a report on small business usage of social media, taken from a survey of 2000 SMEs. I’ve had a look through now and the results are actually pretty amazing. It seems SMEs are adopting social media at an extremely rapid rate. You can read their headline findings below, with the full infographic above.

  • 45 percent of the SMEs surveys said social didn’t take a lot of time to use—up 45 percent since the spring. This was one of the main barriers to adoption in our Spring 2011 survey. Attitudes shifted quickly due to improved education around social media marketing.
  • 81 percent reported using social media to market their businesses, up from 73 percent in the spring.
  • 60 percent of SMEs using Twitter found it to be an effective tool to connect with customers—up 47 percent from the spring.
  • SMEs are starting to see the value in engaging with customers who post comments on social media platforms. The survey found that roughly 60 percent of small businesses respond to all comments on social media platforms, whether those posts are positive or negative.

In case you missed them, I also posted some other interesting social media statistics a few weeks back.

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