Social Media Marketing & Monitoring 2011 – San Francisco, 23rd May

Following the huge success of our social media marketing conference in San Francisco last year (which sold out in a few weeks!), we’re inviting our team of experts...

Social Media Marketing San Francisco

Following the huge success of our social media marketing conference in San Francisco last year (which sold out in a few weeks!), we’re inviting our team of experts to join us again this year for an update on the latest strategies, tools and techniques.

Social Media Marketing & Monitoring 2011 will bring together leading marketing experts, brands, agencies and journalists for an intensive one-day conference. Early Bird tickets are on sale now from $195 – including breakfast, lunch and post event drinks. It’s a must-attend conference in the SF diary:

Here are a few of the highlights from this year’s show:

Using Social Gaming Mechanics for Marketing
Rajat Paharia – Bunchball

Gamification can be a critical connection between websites and social media. Game mechanics can provide organic, compelling reasons for users to post, Tweet and connect with their networks to achieve rewards and improve their standing. In this session Rajat Paharia will discuss real-world examples of how sites like USA Network and Bravo TV successfully extended their reach to social networks, and how to best integrate social networks in to a gamification strategy.

The 5 Golden Rules of Location Marketing
Aaron Strout – WCG

While geolocation marketing is a shiny new object for many of us, there are businesses that are not only testing these services but deriving actual benefit from services like foursquare, Facebook Places, Gowalla and Scavenger. During this interactive 30 minute session, co-author of Location Based Marketing for Dummies, Aaron Strout, will give his five golden rules of location marketing and share 3-4 case studies of how businesses are generating ROI from their geolocation programs.

The Customer Perspective: The Six Elements of Engagement
John Zell – Razorfish

With the rise of social media, how do marketers make sense not only of divergent touch points with customers, but the disparate reasons why customers gravitate to them? How does this affect the continuing evolution of how consumers choose to engage with a brand? In this fascinating introduction to the day, John will reveal the surprising findings of Razorfish’s recent customer engagement report, including the Six Elements of Engagement.

How to Maximize Engagement from Facebook Ads
Chase McMichael – Infinigraph

Facebook sold $1.86 billion in ads in 2010, about 60% or $1.12 billion of which was self-serve, meaning advertisers bought directly using Facebook’s targeting tools. Using crowdsourced social Intelligence can help improve CTR, reduce the cost-per-Like and increase consumer conversation. In this presentation Chase will show 5 key areas on how to maximize your Facebook engagement and share results on how Golden Spoon have achieved ongoing social success with their customers.

Social Media Marketing for Small Business
Elyse Tager – Constant Contact

According to Constant Contact’s most recent Small Business Attitudes & Outlooks Survey, small businesses plan to dedicate more dollars to social media marketing activities in 2011. It also predicts increased use of social media tools, which are characterized as additive and complementary to other marketing activities – not a replacement. Small organizations don’t have the luxury of full-time dedicated marketing staff, but that is not stopping them. In this session, Elyse will share tips and insights on how small businesses can effectively execute and monitor social media marketing campaigns.

If you’re in San Francisco on 23rd May – join us at the conference.

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