The B2B Content Marketing Funnel

Cold calling and cold emailing is no longer a viable option for B2B marketers. Instead, B2B organisations are using content marketing tactics to build brand awareness, drive web...

Cold calling and cold emailing is no longer a viable option for B2B marketers. Instead, we’re being bombarded by content, but is it the right content? New research suggests that B2B marketers are missing a trick when it comes to “mid-funnel content“.

According to a new infographic from Wolfgang Jaegel, B2B marketers will use an average of 13 different types of content and 87% of B2B buyers say that content has an impact on vendor selection.

The 10 most popular types of content used by B2B marketers are:

  1. Social Media – 87%
  2. Articles on your website – 81%
  3. eNewsletters – 80%
  4. Blogs – 76%
  5. In-person events – 76%
  6. Case Studies – 73%
  7. Videos – 73%
  8. Articles on other websites – 68%
  9. White Papers – 64%
  10. Online Presentations – 63%

Whilst there is much to be encouraged about, like the fact that 87% of B2B marketers are using social media, it seems that most content is being used to fill the top end of the funnel.

This is content that’s designed to create awareness and drive traffic, such as blogs, infographics or articles on other websites, but a B2B buyer isn’t going to be ready to buy on the basis of that alone – they barely even know you.

Instead, it would be nice to see more emphasis on mid-funnel content. This is meaty, high value content designed to strengthen your reputation and deepen the relationship between brand and buyer. To borrow Flint McGaughlin’s analogy, it’s the courting stage that sits inbetween “hello” and “I do”. Great examples of this are White Papers and Online Presentations, which are ninth and tenth on the list, whilst webinars and ebooks don’t make the top 10 at all.

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Once the relationship has been strengthened and trust has been established then the buyer will be much more receptive to end-funnel content such as product videos, case studies and testimonials.

It’s great that B2B marketers are producing so much content, but they do need to make sure they’re thinking about all stages of the customer journey and not jumping straight from “hello” to “will you marry me?”

B2B content marketing infographic

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