Traditional CRM vs Social CRM [Infographic]

What’s the difference between traditional CRM and social CRM? This is often the first question in the long and tricky process of “socialization” that many large organisations are currently experiencing.

Having listened to experts from American Airlines, IBM, VistaPrint, Peugeot, Everything Everywhere, British Gas, Expedia, Spotify and many more brands explaining their approaches to social CRM at recent Our Social Times conferences – I think we’ve got a pretty clear vision of how organisations should approach social customer engagement and the management, tools and processes they need to set in place around it.

With this in mind – and prior to our upcoming social CRM conferences in Frankfurt, Brussels and Paris – we thought we’d publish an infographic to set out the key points of differentiation between traditional and social CRM.  We hope it’s useful.

SCRM infographic


6 thoughts on “Traditional CRM vs Social CRM [Infographic]

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  3. Lawry Matteson

    Eye-catching design and good information. Thank you, for sharing. Social CRM looks like the first easy mechanism for collecting customer feedback without old-fashioned boring surveys, but most times small companies and some medium sized don’t find large audience and social mention.

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