Two Great Pinterest Small Business Case Studies

Pinterest Case Study

At Our Social Times‘ latest free seminar in Manchester yesterday Pinterest, the fast-emerging ‘share-your-favourite-pictures’ social network, provided the biggest gasp of the day.

Tammy Kahn Fennel (CEO of MarketMeSuite) was giving an impressive master-class on how to generate leads on Twitter, then turned her attention to Pinning. She started by talking us through her own research, which started with the question: “How can Pinterest help small businesses?” and ended with her creating a pin board for her father’s collectable Hummel figurine business (a niche, if ever there was one!) and attracting 18 followers and 5 re-pins in just 72 hours.

Now, that may not sound amazing, but ask yourself: how else could you find 18 people who are into Hummel figurines in 3 days without a budget?

Being an entrepreneurial crew, Tammy and her team also realised that there’s currently no way for businesses to easily discover if their products and services have been ‘pinned’ on Pinterest by people they have no connection with. To meet this need, they’ve just launched PinMe, a free service that lets you do just that.

To demonstrate how this works,  Tammy did a live search for one of the attendees in Manchester, a company with the URL The business owner confirmed that she’s never used Pinterest and had no idea if her products were featured on any pin boards.  As she looked on, PinMe revealed that a keen Pinterest user has indeed posted one of her products up – to a pin board titled, wait for it…”Products I love“.

Now, how’s that for a public endorsement? In fact, it’s more than that: it’s a self-selected customer lead. A few people in our audience genuinely gasped. One guy even dropped his iPhone 4S.

Of course, neither of these experiments demonstrates ROI, but both indicate that Pinterest should be a good opportunity for small businesses, especially those with attractive-looking products, to make new connections for little effort and no budget. We’ll feature more case studies as they arise, but in the meantime, why not run a Pinterest experiment of your own?

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