19 extremely useful tools for your digital marketing agency

We've curated a list of tools that every digital marketing agency should be aware of, including social media, content marketing, SEO and ad management tools.

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Every digital marketing agency uses tools, but are you using the right ones? We’ve found some you might want to try.

As part of a series we’ve been running with Constant Contact on the topic of Growing Your Digital Marketing Agency, we’ve curated a list of tools that every digital marketing agency should be aware of. Our list, which includes social media, content marketing, SEO and ad management tools, isn’t by any means exhaustive, but does include some useful suggestions. Enjoy!

Social Media Tools

  • Agorapulse – This is a fantastic and very affordable tool run by our friend Emeric Ernoult. Agorapulse enables you to manage Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all in one place, making content management, scheduling and analysis/reports so much easier. Agorpulse also offers features such as automated moderation, competitions, quizzes  and promotion codes with pricing for businesses of all sizes.
  • Iconosquare – Instagram is designed for mobile use, but Iconsquare (see image above) is an Instagram management tool designed for desktop. It allows you to track stats, manage multiple accounts, set up hashtag campaigns and competitions. It also facilitates ‘cross-platforming’, helping you to install the Instagram app on Facebook and enabling easy promotion on twitter.
  • Commun. it – This is a free Facebook and Twitter community management tool which is excellent for connecting with your followers and building positive relationships with them. It allows you to identify your most valuable followers, so you can focus your activities on the higher impact relationships you have.
  • Constant Contact – Constant Contact has a programme to help digital consultants and agencies to support their SME clients with a full suite of small business marketing tools – including email, social media, surveys and events. The social media tools enable you to offer vouchers and capture data, so should not be overlooked.
Curata image
Curata content marketing

Content Marketing Tools

  • Pocket – Pocket is a handy and very simple content curation tool. The clue is all in the name. It effectively enables you to ‘pocket’ articles, pictures and videos you find around the web for re-using later on.
  • Curata – Curata (above) offers both a content marketing platform and a content curation platform. The content marketing tool allows you to track leads and analyse content to understand which parts of your content are working best. The curation tool involves three simple steps: i) searching for material through the ‘self-learning’ search engine, (ii) curating your content and (iii) publishing on Curata’s own ‘SEO friendly’ blog or the CMS of your choice through easy integration.
  • Venngage – For the non-designers among us, this app is specifically designed to make the creation of infographics a whole lot easier. Venngage provides hundreds of free templates, making it a very handy tool indeed.
  • Storify – Storify works on the principle that “everyone is a reporter”. Leveraging the power of social networks and the way they spread news, storify allows you to search with it’s all-in-one search engine, gathering stories and reports that have appeared on numerous social media sites. The story editing process is designed to be as simple as possible, just drag and drop content which is instantly imbedded with no coding knowledge required. Your content can be shared by copying and pasting an embedding code anywhere on the web or through twitter cards. Storify can also quote people you have mentioned in the content increasing the possibility of it getting shared.
Moz SEO dashboard

SEO Tools

  • Soovle – This is a great free tool which is so easy to use. It allows you to type a query into the search bar which brings up related search terms in order of popularity from Google, Amazon, Wikipedia, Answers.com, Youtube, Bing and Yahoo. This gives you snapshot of internet search terms, so you can optimise your content accordingly.
  • Moz– Moz Pro (above) opens up a wealth of research tools to your disposal, making it one of the ultimate SEO tools. Uses range from site audits, tracking the rank of pages and keywords, looking at page successes or failures (using metrics and social data) and more besides.
  • Varvy – If you don’t have the budget for Moz Pro, then Varvy offers suite of useful, free SEO tools – such as a free overview of any website, with recommendations for improvements. Ideal for consultants and smaller agencies, it’s an excellent resource for getting started in SEO.
Epom ad server
Epom ad server

Ad Management

  • Marin Software – This is a bid management tool for PPC accounts. Marin claim that they can “increase your ROI by 30% compared to native tools. The programme comes with a range of features such as auto-split which helps you microsegment your audience, budget optimisation which gives you the best value for money spent, real time reporting for keeping up to date with ad campaigns and a whole lot more. The UI is also very easy to use.
  • Hootsuite Ads – Hootsuite collaborated with Facebook to deliver an automated Facebook ad generator. The tool searches through your Facebook page and selects the best posts to advertise. It then automatically selects targets for the promoted posts.
  • Upcast – Upcast is another Facebook book ad management tool and covers twitter as well offering both and self-service or managed account. It offers key features in creation such as 3rd party tracking, excel upload and ad set scheduling and management with auto page post promotion, auto optimisation scheduled web queries. It promises fantastic ROI featuring one of their clients’ notonthehighstreet.com who reported a 410% figure on post-click return on investment.
  • Epom – Intelligent ad serving is their catch line. Epom (above) offers four default sub accounts which offer varying levels of access and responsibility allowing the Network supervisor (highest level access) to organise their team in whatever way they see fit. When you sign up to Epom you also get your own Epom personal assistant to offer support and assistance with tasks such as “configuring ad campaigns, setting up of trafficking options, optimizing existing campaigns, creating analytical reports based on your campaigns performance” and so on. The pricing can vary from set price plans or custom ones making Epom affordable for smaller business.
CRM tool
Podio CRM dashboard

CRM tools

  • Nimble – Nimble brings together your contacts, prospects and existing customers and collects data from a number of sources. Using social media listening, it sifts and identifies the contacts that are most relevant to you. It enables your whole team to access and manage your CRM, making organisation simpler and customer interaction a whole lot easier.
  • Podio – Podio (above) labels itself as a “fresh take on collaborating and getting organised” and offers a really simple UI, which is customisable. It integrates with tools like Google Drive and Box, making it easier to store important files and docs. Client details and your interaction history is recorded to make closing future sales easier. The platform is also mobile and tablet friendly, making it easy to use it on the go.
  • Batchbook – This is a low-cost CRM system for which the most basic plan is free. A helpful feature within Batchbook is its task system, which assigns jobs to members of your team and sets tasks, such as reaching out to contacts who have not been contacted recently – helping to keep your team on their toes.
  • Pipeliner is a great CRM tool for people who find it easier to monitor statistics and data through visuals. Their graphs make it simple to understand what you need to do to achieve your goals, making workflow more efficient. According to Pipeliner “this work tool becomes more useful over time”.

I’m sure I’ve missed lots of useful tools- so please feel free to add your suggestions via comments.

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