3 useful examples of brands combining email with social media

It's a self-evident marketing fact: combining email marketing with social media makes sense. But where are the case studies? We've found 3 examples of really smart branded emails...

It’s a self-evident marketing fact: combining email marketing with social media makes sense. But where are the case studies that show this being done well? Here are three of the best we’ve found:

1 New Look

So, how do you away from basic integration towards fully integrated campaigns? Here’s one approach. Fashion retailer, New Look, sends out a dedicated social email – and they do it in style.

Each section of their eye-catching email focuses on a different social channel and gives the potential fan/follower an idea of what they can expect. We all know you get pretty pictures on Instagram and Pinterest, but it always help to show your readers just how pretty. Equally if Twitter and Facebook are for offers and inspiration that needs to be clear too. Finally, and extremely simply, they include a call to action – follow us, tweet us etc. rather than just a static logo that expects the reader to know what to do. It’s bold, clear and (since they’ve repeated it) apparently effective.

New Look

2 Sony

Sometimes more is actually more. If you want to promote your new Pinterest or Instagram feed then it may be best to do it boldly (none of that hiding a share button in the footer!) Sony showed just how to do it with their Pinterest account email – in which they basically sent out a screen grab of their boards. Pinterest might not be new to you, but it is to lots of customers, so Sony makes it really obvious what you can use it for. Their “Pin, Collect, Share” line makes it immediately clear to camera buffs what they can do if they follow the brand on Pinterest.


3 Innocent Drinks

While dedicated social emails are great, you don’t have to go down that path. The best time to reach out to your audience is when they first sign up to your newsletter – while they’re genuinely keen and engaged. A simple welcome email, complete with a fun and funky ‘show around’ the brand will do fine. In true Innocent style, the drinks brand goes one step beyond and makes it’s welcome email quirky, fun, but functional. Want Facebook? follow the sign. Want to see quirky content like a polar bear in a snowstorm? You’re taken to Twitter where they share their random fun.

Innocent Smoothie social email

There are obviously many more ways that social media can be combined with email to good effect, such as including user generated content (UGC) in newsletters, improving email targeting and segmentation using social media data and preferences and creating emails – many of which are now opened on mobile devices – that are optimised for mobile social sharing and engagement.

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