3 steps to attract and convert clients with content marketing

As a digital marketing agency, you could specialize in any niche area from SEO to social media or web design, however there will always be competitors trying to...

Whatever your industry, you will always be vying against competitors in your attempt to attract new clients. So how do you make sure that you stand out in a crowded market?

Content marketing


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 1.  Make yourself easy to find

Content marketing is one of the most popular and successful methods of B2B marketing. Light-touch content such as blog posts and infographics are perfect for filling the top of your marketing funnel and inviting web traffic.

  • Search plays a vital role in attracting new business, so make sure your content is fresh and optimised for keywords.
  • Making content visiual is a great way to make content easy to digest and highly sharable. People love to share helpful tips, fresh insights, statistics and examples. Companies that blog generate 126% more leads than those that don’t.
  • Be sure to use social media to promote your content and encourage your employees, customers and contacts to do the same. Social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing.


 2.  Go the extra mile to charm and impress

Once you’ve attracted prospective clients with ‘light-touch’ content, it’s time to offer them something more in-depth. For example, white papers, ebooks or webinars are a great way to show off expertise and build trust. Concentrate on your USP and areas of expertise to drill home your knowledge. 67% of B2B content marketers consider event marketing the most effective strategy.

Many businesses and agencies stumble here and try to get their leads to commit too early. If they’ve only just found you they will want to find out more before they buy, so offer them some valuable content in exchange for contact details.  An email address is a great way to keep in contact and nurture the relationship with your brilliant content.


 3.  Use sales content to convert leads

Sales content such as testimonials, case studies and product videos are a great way to sell yourself and show exactly why they should work with you.

This may be the end of the funnel, but hopefully not the end of the relationship. Whether they convert or not, use social media and email newsletters to continue to strengthen the relationship. Not only will this help with customer retention, but you will also pick up referrals; a huge 22% of B2B organizations touch base with lead nurturing on a weekly basis and 34% on a monthly basis.


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