4 inspiring Facebook video marketing case studies

If you haven’t incorporated video into your Facebook marketing strategy yet, your brand could be missing out on a huge opportunity to expand your audience.

facebook video marketing

Make no mistake. Video and live streaming aren’t just tools for the heavyweight brands of this world. Anyone, anywhere can produce video content these days. And when you get it right, the brand exposure potential is eye-poppingly huge.

Consider these numbers. Over 100 million hours of video content is gobbled up on Facebook daily. And, interestingly, native Facebook videos outperform YouTube videos, with 13% organic reach and 6.3% engagement rate (compared to 1-3% engagement rate on other platforms). There’s an eager audience out there.

Creating your own Facebook video content is likely to yield rewards – as long as you get the concept behind your content right. Here to top up your inspiration tank are four case studies from brands who got phenomenal Facebook marketing results with video.

Lights, camera… traction!

1. Baked NYC

We said it once, we’ll say it again. Video marketing is a tool for the masses, not the few. Don’t believe us? Just ask Baked NYC, a New York bakery that created their Facebook video campaign using a $20 tripod, a $15 clamp lamp, a phone and a few apps to create stop-motion videos with animated text overlays.

Now, when your taste bud-thrilling treats are endorsed by Oprah, it’s a good sign you’re getting things right in the kitchen. Yet Baked NYC wanted to broaden its customer base and encourage people to pre-order their pies for Thanksgiving.

Baked NYC’s videos, showcasing their Thanksgiving pies, tickled the salivary glands of all who saw them in the run up to Thanksgiving. Yet by using their video content as a Facebook Ad, Baked NYC were able to focus on consumers who were most likely to convert by targeting Facebook users within one mile of their bakeries in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

The results were as tasty as the treats they bake up.

  • 40 per cent increase in pie sales;
  • 68 per cent increase in leads;
  • 30 per cent decrease in cost per lead compared to their previous campaign.

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2. Tastemade

From the Big Apple to tiny burgers. Spurred by the Japanese concept of “kawaii” (that’s cuteness to you and me), Tastemade set about preparing and cooking real food that’s around one-twelfth of its regular size. And what started as a simple pre-recorded video series quickly took off and showcased Facebook Live’s potential.

Tastemade commissioned a dollhouse for the set of their culinary creations and since the series started, Tastemade has made everything from chicken noodles to donuts. But it was their Facebook Live video of a nimble-fingered chef preparing a teeny-tiny gourmet burger that really captured people’s imaginations.

The live video shows the chef preparing the burger, chopping the tomato and onion and slicing the cheese before frying the burger over a tiny hob powered by a tea candle. The finished article looks delicious. But coming in at around the diameter of a large coin, Tastemade’s burgers are unlikely to sate your hunger.

The live video was a smash hit, attracting hundreds of thousands of viewers. The video was particularly successful because it had no audio, meaning viewers could tune in and appreciate the minikin cuisine without getting found out at work or disturbing a bus-full of commuters.

Facebook reckons viewers spend three-times longer watching videos that are live, compared to videos that were previously live but are still available to watch later. It proves that there’s something viewers find captivating about a live broadcast.

Yet Tastemade’s results suggest you can get an awful lot of mileage from your Facebook Live content long after your initial broadcast. Since it was initially aired in March 2016, Tastemade’s video has been viewed 3.8 million times.

Tastemade has a simple mission: to create a global community of food-lovers through exceptional video content. And they’re a fine act to follow. Since late 2012 their Facebook following has grown from 20,000 to more than 26 million. Inspiring stuff.

3. Tough Mudder

Facebook Live was opened to all verified brands at the end of 2015. Yet it remains a platform that the majority of brands have yet to explore. Tough Mudder isn’t one of them.

When you organise a training event for the upcoming Tough Mudder in Michigan, you’re entitled to expect a few dozen attendees. But when you broadcast that same training event on Facebook Live? Well, Tough Mudder had more than 40,000 people tuning in to their 23-minute training session.

Expanding the real-world training event to an online channel presented an effortless opportunity to promote the upcoming Tough Mudder event as well as the brands of event partners. Self-promotion doesn’t always have to be pushy.

4. Dunkin’ Donuts

Today’s consumers are wise to smoke-and-mirrors marketing. You can’t pull the wool over their eyes. That’s especially true where food is concerned. What people want to see is authenticity and pride and provenance. That’s where Facebook Live gives you a fantastic opportunity to take your audience behind the curtain.

Dunkin’ Donuts gave their fans a tour of their test kitchen before getting down to the nitty-gritty of constructing a mightily impressive donut wedding cake. (You know you’ve met the one when they agree to a donut wedding cake.) Thanks to a candid look behind the scenes of their business, Dunkin’ Donuts had 36,000 fans tune-in to their live stream.

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Over to you…

With a little imagination and a steady hand, there’s no reason your brand can’t succeed with video content on Facebook. Be bold and make it happen.

Over 800 million people Like something on Facebook daily. And there’s been 1.13 trillion Likes on Facebook since the feature was launched.

Let’s make sure a healthy chunk of tomorrow’s Likes rain down on your ingeniously conceived video content.

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