4 smart tips for optimising your social ads with images

Chances are you've given social media advertising a go: it’s cheap, simple to setup and available to anyone running a social media account. But are you wasting your...

Chances are you’ve given social media advertising a go: it’s cheap, simple to setup and available to anyone running a social media account. But are you wasting your money with badly optimised images?

Facebook advertising
Image courtesy of Facebook.

In a previous post we mentioned that Facebook advertising is 35% cheaper than other online advertising options, so it can work out to be one of your cheapest methods of boosting awareness of your brand or campaigns.

Social media newsfeeds are extremely busy places, and you usually just get one shot at capturing the attention of your target audience. If you use the wrong sized images in your Facebook adverts, or if the colours in your promoted Tweets are not bright enough – you risk losing out on clicks and conversions.

Here are our 4 top tips for winning at images in your social media ads:

1. Use the right image dimensions

There’s nothing worse than seeing an advert with half-finished text or wrong-sized logos, or that has been cropped so badly the people in it look unnatural. Images need to look professional and credible, especially if your brand is relatively new and you’re trying to build awareness. You want to make a great first impression! Jon Loomer, the US Facebook Ads Expert, has created an infographic here with all of the correct, up-to-date ad dimensions.

2. Watch out for more than 20% text

Facebook does not allow adverts to contain images in which text makes up more than 20% of the total image. We like this rule, as it means the quality of adverts in Facebook is fairly high and there aren’t spam adverts with SALE or BUY NOW written in huge letters across them. Although Facebook is the only social network to enforce this rule, it’s a good one to apply to your adverts on other platforms too, because it shows respect for your audience – and trust is the currency of online sharing.

3. Use photos of people

It’s a well-known marketing ploy, but people respond to pictures of people. Viewing photos of our friends (people like us) is still one of the top reasons why people use the platform, so by including images with people of a similar age to your target audience, you will be maximising your opportunity for clicks.

4. Pick bright colours

This may seem glaringly obvious, but the brighter your images the more chance people are going to stop and look at them when they scroll through the newsfeed. It’s just a fact. There’s a lot more to colour than most of us care to know, but well work considering if you’re investing hard-earned money in advertising.

There’s plenty more to learn about social media advertising, including how to optimise ads on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. If you’re bursting to know more, sign up to our Social Media Advertising Master-class. The next class is in London on 4th June.

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