4 tips for measuring email, SEO, social media and content marketing

Digital marketing is awash with metrics, but which ones really matter? I've asked four experts to share their top tips for measuring email, SEO, social media and content...

Digital marketing is awash with metrics. But which ones really matter?

Next week I’ll be hosting a webinar discussion on ‘Solving the Digital Marketing Measurement Puzzle’. To get the conversation rolling, I’ve pulled together a panel of smart marketers asked for their top measurement tips on four key areas of digital marketing: email, SEO, social media and content marketing.

Content Marketing: identify KPIs before thinking about content

Jeremy Taylor

Jeremy Taylor (@JezTaylorUK) is Senior Account Manager (B2B) here at Our Social Times. He runs successful social media campaigns for large B2B technology and financial businesses.

Flip your process and put measurement first. Before you even start thinking about what your content will look like, decide what you want it to achieve and the KPIs you will use to measure this. Then you can create content specifically designed to achieve the desired results. Although it’s by no means a comprehensive list, the table below shows what this process could look like for 5 different objectives – brand awareness, thought leadership, lead generation, customer acquisition and customer retention.

Content marketing measurement metrics

SEO: work within a realistic timeframe


Sean Clark (@seanclark) runs his own marketing agency with a focus on SEO, PPC and social media. Sean was formerly Head of Web at Adnams PLC.

Ensure that your SEO activity is able to deliver on your business objectives in a realistic timeframe. SEO is a long term activity, you need to allow it time to have an impact. Even then you may need to adjust your activity a number of times before it starts to deliver results.

SEO is a moving target. You need to allow for the fact that ordinarily your competitors won’t sit still and let you take that top spot. They’ll defend and even enhance their position. If you’re coming from behind or just starting out your SEO journey could be a long one!

Email Marketing: work backwards from trends to causation

Tamsin Fox-Davies

Tamsin Fox-Davies (@tamsinfd) is Senior Development Manager at Constant Contact, which provides email marketing services for over 600,000 small businesses, globally.

Monitor trends over time. Different types of emails, sent to different lists, at different times will yield varied results. This means that it’s hard to compare any one email with another. So, look at trends over the last few months. Are your metrics going up or down? Whichever way it’s going, try to identify why, and simply do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

Social media: start with the social networks’ own analytics

Tamara Baranova

Tamara Baranova (@tamarabaranova) is the founder of TJConsulting. She provides digital marketing mentoring and support for lots of small businesses.

You don’t need 100’s of tools and systems to track and measure your social media. Less is definitely more. Invest in the right tools that will measure the data your business needs to make informed decisions and to create the right content, for those social media networks that you’ve decided to use. Not all tools work for all networks, so your choices will often depend on the kind of marketing your business does. Finally, don’t discount the free analytics tools now provided with most social media networks, they are often a good starting point to give you insights into what’s working well.

I’ll be joined by Tamsin, Sean and Tamara on July 14th for a discussion all about how to measure digital marketing and how agencies can demonstrate ROI to their clients. For for details and to register visit: ‘Growing your digital marketing agency: solving the measurement puzzle.

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