5 Essential Tips for Optimising Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are, on average, 35% cheaper than other online adverts and the audiences you can target are often unique. If you're yet advertising on Facebook, you could...

Facebook Ads are, on average, 35% cheaper than other online adverts and the audiences you can target are often unique. Here are our top 5 tips for getting value for money…

Top Facebook Advertising Tips

If you’re not yet advertising on Facebook, you could be missing a serious business opportunity. You can target people who are in long-distance relationships, people who travel often for work, or have friends who recently got engaged. Almost every businesses could benefit from finding new and relevant audiences on Facebook.

So, how can you maximise the benefits of this opportunity for your business? Here are my 5 top tips to get you started:

1. Avoid Facebook Colours

The colour of Facebook across mobile and desktops is white and blue, so images which use these colours are not going to stand out enough to your target audience in the newsfeed. Think about using bright colours and unique images; ones that people won’t have seen before. You’re competing with babies, kittens and birthday photos in the newsfeed, so how will you make sure you don’t get scrolled over?

2. Rotate Images

Facebook allows you to feature up to 6 images with your adverts, and it will automatically rotate these images for you depending on performance. This is a great way to test creatives and find out what resonates best with your audience, so make sure you create lots of good images to try out.

3. Custom Audiences

Custom audiences allow you to target a list of people with whom you have already established a relationship, such as a customer email database or website visitors. For example, you could run a special offer campaign to reach out to those who visited your site and viewed a page about an event but did not purchase tickets. All you need to do is drop a Custom Audience pixel link in Facebook Ads Manager and drop it into your website.

4. Test Placements

83% of Facebook users now access the site on their mobile devices, so it’s crucial to run your adverts across mobile too. The key is to set up a separate campaign for this, so that you can test whether mobile or desktop are driving you the most conversions. Learning where your advert is best placed will mean you can optimise your budgets for next time.

5. Split Target Groups

Rather than targeting a large demographic such as 18-40 year olds who live in the UK and like shopping and cooking – try to separate your audience into smaller target groups. You could try targeting different demographic groups, such as 18-25, 26-34, 35-44 etc. You could separate and build out your interest groups, for example, shopping (including retail brands and fashion magazines) versus cooking (including TV chefs and cookery TV programmes). Gathering these learnings will be crucial for your next campaign, so you know which group is most likely to drive conversions.

There are plenty more tricks and techniques to learn with social media advertising, across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. If you want to know more, come along to our Social Media Advertising Master-class in London on 4th June 2015. 

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    Veronica Marks Reply

    I really appreciate the tip to avoid Facebook colors. My husband’s company’s colors are actually blue and white, so he has been creating ads in those same colors. I’ll have to show him this article so that he changes things!