5 Fantastic Facebook Marketing Campaigns

We've collated 5 of our favourite Facebook marketing case studies to show how brands of different sizes can generate real results from social media marketing.

Heinz 5 Beanz:

When releasing their 5 Beanz product in 2012, Heinz took the opportunity to find out a little bit more about their fans. They created a personality quiz to answer the ever pressing question; “What Bean Are You?”. Participants could even win a personalised bean with their name engraved on it! As a result of the campaign, Heinz was able to grow its fanbase by 30,000 in 2 weeks, with 22,000 people taking part in the quiz and half of those sharing the app.


Cadburys Dairy Milk

Cadbury Dairy Milk:

When approaching their 1 millionth like, Cadbury came up with an innovative way to celebrate, thank their fans and boost engagement all at the same time. They built a giant ‘thumbs up’ out of 1 million pieces of chocolate, whilst allowing fans to watch the action and send in their suggestions.

The campaign succeeded in getting over 350,000 fans talking about Cadbury and helped them to attract a further 40,000 new fans during the two day build.


State Bi Co

State Bicycle Company:

In order to increase levels of engagement on their Facebook Page and create a bit of buzz about their products and events, State Bicycle Company from Phoenix ran a series of highly targeted Facebook ads, focusing on specific citites in the US. Users were encouraged to ‘like’ the Facebook Page to gain sneak previews of new bikes and partake in competitions.

“Facebook has been critical, and has allowed State Bicycle Company to have an open dialogue with our customers and potential customers.” Medhi Farsi, CEO

The result of this campaign was $500,000 from sales tracked through to the company’s website. Furthermore, they increased their Facebook fan base 10-fold in just a year.


Red Bull FB page

Red Bull:

The energy drink company has a very strong link with extreme sports. It sponsors high profile events such as last year’s Red Bull Stratos space jump and the Red Bull air races, as well as sponsoring its own Formula 1 and football (soccer) teams.

On their Facebook Page, the company devotes very little attention to the product itself and instead focuses on the lifestyle they want to be associated with. The brand’s Page is full of photos and videos of high octane sporting events, all sponsored by Red Bull. The strategy is really delivering results; according to Socialbakers, they are the second most popular brand on Facebook with almost 40 million fans.


SteelMaster Buildings:

Beans, chocolate and Red Bull are fairly obvious choices, so for number 5 we went for something a bit different to show how social media marketing can work for (almost) any business.

SteelMaster Buildings build corrugated steel structures and use Facebook to share their innovative designs. They also encourage customers to share their own photos and are currently running a photo competition, which is driving impressive levels of engagement amongst their 13,000 followers.


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