5 “Predictions for Social Media in 2012” Blog Posts You Should Read

Rather than post up my predictions for 2012, this year I thought I’d highlight 5 of the best “social media predictions for 2012” posts and do a little...

The Future of Social Media

The Future of Social Media

Rather than post up my predictions for 2012, this year I thought I’d highlight 5 of the best “social media predictions for 2012” posts and do a little critique of them. Sound fun? Read on MacDuff…

Marc Andressen on Cnet

This is my favourite social media “Prediction” post for 2012, Marc Andressen is clearly on a smart-phone high, but his comments about “category killers” i.e. e-commerce solutions that, due to the rise in numbers of potential customers (fuelled by smart phone uptake) have been able to carve huge gouges out of vertical industries that were previously out of bounds for disruptive start-ups, are genius.

Avi Savar in Forbes

This is a thoughtful piece from Avi Savar, CEO of marketing agency, BigFuel, who spoke at my recent social media marketing event in New York, that highlights the gamification trend that I see becoming omnipresent in social media in 2012/13. He also offers an honest (if slightly terrifying) perspective on the continued rise of Facebook and the drive for perfect personalisation. Avi has also stirred up criticism from a certain Mr Redpants, which has to be the hallmark of a good post!

Kevin Green on BostInno

I just happened upon this little gem of a post, and while I disagree about gamification overload (99% of businesses have yet to hear the word – and many of those that have are getting impressive returns from implementing it) – I completely agree that 2012 must be the year of “social business” delivery, rather than theory and discussion. I too foresee the end of the “social media guru”. It’s the day-to-day practitioners who have the knowledge today. After 3-4 years of dubious service, Guru’s need to truss up their loin-cloths and return to their caves.

David Armano in the Harvard Business Review

David Armano’s list is here for two reasons: firstly, we both wrongly predicted that Facebook Places would put Foursquare out of business in 2011 (well done Foursquare, we still love you) and, secondly, he includes Social TV in his list. We often forget that TV remains the most powerful medium in the world. Now just imagine how powerful it will be when we integrate it with the word-of-mouth and recommendation-engine that is social media. It’s the next gold rush. You heard it here first my friend! (Well, second).

Angela Hausman on Interact Marketing

I like this post because of two lines, firstly “customer service can no longer be relegated to a department” . To me the rise of social CRM and online customer engagement mean that customer service is marketing, it is also PR, product research, strategy research and more. For me the really big question for 2012 is: should you let your Marketing Team anywhere near social media? The second line I like is the 5th point made: “Increased blurring between customers and employees”. The lines between staff, customers, suppliers and even competitors have definitely blurred through social media. We’re all just people on Facebook and Twitter – and people talk. Businesses need to adapt to this change.

Well, those are my 5-of-the-best. I also made a presentation last week on the “Future of Social Media” to The Telegraph in London. I won’t go into the detail of that here, but I set out my views in this short interview I did with Mo Krochmal in New York in October (after the part about the differences between events in NYC, San Francisco and London). I think it’s the most succinct definition I’ve produced yet – so I’m pleased Mo was on hand with his camera! See what you think.

I’d welcome your feedback on any of the predictions here. What’s missing? Is there anything you think is absolute hogwash? Who should have their Social Media Expert status suspended?

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