5 steps to giving your social media a refresh in 2015

Many of us have been using social media to promote our brand for a number of years now, and chances are we've fallen into a comfortable routine -...

Many of us have been using social media to promote our brand for a number of years and, chances are, we’ve fallen into a comfortable routine – posting repetitive content on the same days, and achieving similar engagement rates week to week. Time for a refresh!

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Social media and routine do not mix well, as audiences like to see brand new conversations and unique images in their newsfeed to engage with. Chances are your social media is in need of an evaluation, and a bit of a refresh so that you can look to grow your communities and keep your potential customers interested.

In this blog we’ll look at 5 quick steps to take to give you social media a bit of a refresh for 2015:

1) Look at your referring traffic in Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most powerful free tools available to a marketer, but many of us aren’t logging in regularly, not do we understand where to look. By heading to the Acquisition tab on the left-hand menu, you can see how visitors have found your website. If you click on Social, you can see a breakdown of how much traffic each social media platform has driven to your website. Are you using the right social media platforms? Perhaps more traffic is coming from Pinterest or Twitter than you thought, which means you might need to rethink your strategy and increase activity here.

2) Evaluate the times you have been posting to social media

Social media peak times are evenings and weekends, yet many marketers stick to posting within the 9-5 working day. Test out posting at some different times when you think your audience might be online and see if it increases your engagement rate.

3) Check out free image websites

Posting the same product images can get repetitive and slightly dull for your social media audience. Give your images a splash of colour or text with free editing website Canva, which also creates images in the perfect dimensions for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Also take a look at Unsplash for some beautiful free stock images.

4) Get clever with your hashtags

Experiment with some new hashtags with your tweets and Instagram posts. Use search to find out whether you’re missing out on some well-known hashtags in your industry or amongst your customers. #Food, #Love and #ThrowbackThursday are all great for getting new followers on Instagram (if the picture you are posting is relevant) to your hashtag.

5) Try video

If you have video content, even if it’s just short clips taken on your smartphone, then try uploading it straight to your Facebook Page. Facebook Video is seeing a huge amount of views thanks to the auto-play feature in newsfeeds. Many brands are turning their backs on YouTube to favour Facebook to host their video clips. Twitter has recently introduced video too, so users can capture, edit and share videos right from the Twitter app on their mobiles.

Those are just some starter tips for you to try. If you want to know more, come along to our Social Media Marketing Master-class in London on 14th April 2015. It’s ideal as a refresher or for intermediate social media users.

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