6 FREE Seminars in the UK – Social Media Marketing for Small Business

As part of the launch of Constant Contact in the UK, Our Social Times is teaming up with the US-based social media marketing company to run a series...

social media marketing seminars 2012

social media marketing seminars 2012

As part of the launch of Constant Contact in the UK, Our Social Times is teaming up with the US-based social media marketing company to run a series of 6 free seminars. Between March and June 2012 we’ll be hosting Social Media Marketing for Small Business in London (x 2), Chelmsford, Manchester, Edinburgh and Birmingham. We plan to reach around 100,000 SMEs through our outreach and train around 1000 small businesses in the latest techniques.

Here are the dates and websites where tickets can be booked now:

All of the sessions at these events will be tailored specifically for small businesses, including:

Supercharging Your Facebook Marketing
Ron Cates – Constant Contact

It’s no secret that Facebook has become a huge part of how people interact, share ideas and recommendations, and interact with brands. But too many businesses aren’t seeing results from their Facebook marketing efforts because they are posting content without a plan for turning “fans” into customers and advocates. In this seminar, you’ll learn why Facebook is important to your business, the difference between posting and marketing, and ten tips to drive more “likes,” more “shares,” and more business.

The 7-Step Social Media Marketing Strategy
Luke Brynley-Jones – Our Social Times

I’ll be kicking of each seminar by setting out how to create a social media marketing strategy in 7 simple steps. I’ll highlight all the key questions you need to ask: Where are your customers? Which social media platforms should you focus on? Which 3rd party tools and applications do you need? Do you have the required skills? How should you manage your time? And how can you measure the results of your activities?

How to Generate New Leads on Twitter
Tammy Kahn Fennell – CEO, MarketMeSuite

Twitter is fast becoming a mainstream communication tool, so now is truly the time to integrate it into your marketing mix. In this session Tammy Kahn Fennell, CEO of social media dashboard MarketMeSuite, explains how to use Twitter to drive customer engagement and generate new leads. With guidance for novices and experienced Twitter marketers alike, this session will teach you how to run a successful Twitter marketing campaign and measure the results.

The Secret Marketeer: Tips & Tricks for Social Media Success
Panel Discussion

In this unique discussion our panel of SMEs and social media experts will confess their most secret tips and tricks to help you succeed in your marketing. Learn about Facebook’s “hidden” in-box, discover how to target local customers on Twitter, find out new ways of connecting with influencers on LinkedIn and much more. This session will give you the edge over your competitors – don’t miss it.

We’ll be posting up more details over the coming weeks.  If you’re interested in attending, please book your place now. If you’re interested in participating, either as a speaker, media partner, sponsor or exhibitor, we still have a few opportunities, so please contact us.

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