7 social mobile apps to grow your presence on the go

Looking to manage your brand's social media presence away from your desk? Here are some of the best social mobile apps to help you get started.

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Ever since mobile and hand-held devices have emerged as a marketing channel, social media marketing has transformed itself completely.

Today is the era of the mobile app. This sector is driving communication and marketing strategies of both small and big organisations big time, making it possible for them to target a wider audience base.

At the same time, social marketers face a challenging time maintaining an active social media presence. This is primarily because they have lots to achieve within a short span of time. This is where mobile apps are changing the game for marketers.

If you are a social marketer who’s wondering how to grow your brand’s social presence, then perhaps you should read on. Below is a list of seven powerful social mobile apps that are going to help you manage your social profiles on the go.


DrumUp is a smart social media automation tool that brings your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles seamlessly to one platform. Besides the regular post scheduling features, the mobile app provides access to a humongous content library, thus letting you curate content like a pro.

It’s @mention and hashtag suggestion feature saves a lot of time in creating viral posts. The ‘1-click schedule’ feature deserves special mention here because it makes post scheduling a piece of cake for busy social marketers.


The name of this mobile app – If This, Then That – is an apt term to signify the number of social media management options available to marketers. One such option is integrating email and social media services to create a remarkable brand experience, which the app’s wide collection of ‘applets’ lets you do.

IFTTT also allows you to create your own applets and integrate them into your website. Along with detailed analytics, this smart mobile app exposes you to a diverse range of brands. From managing activities to analysing performance, this tool does it all for you.

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Lead Sift

LeadSift is a powerful outbound marketing tool that comes in the form of an easy-to-use mobile app. It helps marketers overcome one of the toughest challenges: identifying a target market and its relation to a brand’s competitors.

It can spare you the most dreaded manual research process, and help you identify leads in their buying journey. LeadSift is the app you need if you wish to acquire new leads, cut through the clutter, and come across as a dynamic brand in the market.


Be it Facebook, Twitter or any other social network, you need to engage with your audience to achieve success. Nimble lets you do exactly this.

The app can be integrated seamlessly into your iPhone or any other hand-held device and used as social sales and CRM software for your business. Not only does it help you find contacts and send promotional emails, but also facilitates effective collaboration across various teams. It’s a tool you must definitely try.


Buffer is a social media mobile app that has already reached the one million user milestone last year. The app allows you to link your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ accounts to one platform, and manage all activities on them in a seamless manner.

You can schedule posts and track your campaign’s performance from anywhere and at any time. So you don’t have to sit for hours managing your social accounts if you have this nifty app on your smartphone.

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If you are a marketer focused on acing Twitter metrics, perhaps Fllwrs is the tool you need. This amazing mobile app does a simple job: it keeps you updated about who’s following and unfollowing you on Twitter.

Not only this, it tweets to your account on your behalf and lets you connect with a wide audience base without any hassle. So you don’t have to log into your Twitter handle every time you want to post something. Fllwrs will make marketing on Twitter a breeze for you.


Last but certainly not the least, you should try Trendspottr, an intelligence platform that’s capable of bringing latest trends, key influencers and viral content right to your smartphone. You don’t have to dedicate long hours to researching information and data because this tool brings you trends from Twitter and other sources before they become viral.

It’s a great way to optimise your content marketing, social media marketing and market research activities without spending whopping sums. It’s worth giving it a try.

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These mobile apps are compatible with Android and iOS devices, thus making them accessible to on-the-go social marketers. Don’t forget to check out their updated versions to get niftier features.

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