7 of the best content marketing tools

Looking to beef up your content marketing efforts? There are plenty of tools available to help with that, and here are a few of our favourites.

content marketing tools

There’s a tool for every aspect of social media marketing these days, and content marketing is as well served as any.

Curata – itself a content tool – put together the graphic below that illustrates the sheer volume of platforms available to organizations looking to bolster their content output. There’s plenty of choice right across the content flow – from creation and curation right through to distribution and measurement.

content marketing tools - map

With such an exhaustive menu from which to choose, it can be a time consuming and head-scratching process working out which content marketing tools are the best fit for your organisation.

With that in mind, we’ve brought together some of our favourites to give you a head start. This list isn’t intended to be comprehensive – you’d have to take the day off work to read it if it was. But we believe it includes some of the best platforms out there today.


Content marketing tools - BuzzSumo


BuzzSumo was formed in 2012 before being acquired by Brandwatch five years later. The platform has three strands to its offering – content research, influencer discovery and monitoring. We’re focusing on the powerful content research tool here, which in a nutshell enables you to discover popular online content.

Search for your topic of interest and BuzzSumo will present you with the most popular content by total engagements – which are aggregated from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, and also the number of domains linking to that content. You can also view trending content, backlinks for any domain or page, compare engagement between domains and a whole host of other stuff.


BuzzSumo offers four packages: Pro, Plus, Large and Enterprise – ranging in price from $99 p/m to $499+ p/m. There’s also a free plan and a ‘Micro’ option for verified bloggers and freelancers, which starts at $39 p/m.


BuzzSumo enables you to build up a comprehensive picture of the content marketing landscape, specifically what content is most popular in your field, what your competition is doing and even the people who the market trusts the most. It’s a powerful tool to have in your armory and one we wholeheartedly recommend.


Content marketing tools - Contently


Contently enables brands to hire freelance writers to produce content for them – be it on an ad hoc basis or as a more regular part of your team. With more and more organisations deploying remote workers, it can be a challenge spinning all those plates.

Contently enables content managers and their teams to collaborate on ideas, pitches and assignments, and smooths out content workflows by using inline commenting, custom email notifications and a tag-enabled messaging system. You can set project deadlines, keep tabs on progress, secure legal approval, set up invoices and approve content all within the platform.


Contently don’t disclose costs, so you’l need to get in touch to find out what package best suits your organisation (they have an impressive customer roster, so prices won’t come cheap).


Contently’s platform offers an all-in-one content solution for brands looking to either open up their content strategy to freelancers, organise their team of content creators more efficiently, or both. It certainly does those jobs well; you’ll be surprised at just how quickly you can deploy content producers. The quality of writers is generally good, and the calendar tool makes organizing projects a doddle.

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Content marketing tools - Curata


Curata – in its own words – enables you to discover, curate and share relevant content from around the web. Its offering comes in two strands: Content Curation Software (CCS) and a Content Marketing Platform (CMP). The CCS scours the web and monitors social media for the freshest and most relevant content based on your search requirements, and as users curates this content, the software learns what type of content the user prefers. You can then share any content you like with just one click to a large range of platforms such as SharePoint, WordPress and Facebook.

The CMP provides a calendar which gives users the opportunity to plan their content schedules across contributors, channels and timelines – while also ensuring collaborations across email and calendars. The analytics feature gives you a detailed look at what content is performing best – by web traffic, revenue and leads.


Curata doesn’t disclose its costs, but it offers four plans: Intro, Basic, Advanced and Enterprise.


Curata is a sophisticated content marketing platform but its learning curve is impressively gentle – you’ll be making gains from it in your first week. However, like most content curation/sharing tools, you’ll only get out what you put into it. Use it daily to maximize benefits from its learning engine and ensure your team fully buys into the CMP workflow. Otherwise it’s just an expensive search engine.


Content marketing tools - DivvyHQ


The quirkily named DivvyHQ aims to take the headache out of content marketing. It offers a central hub for your content creation and planning activities, in which teams can create unlimited shared content calendars that can be viewed in real-time across an organisation. It comes with custom content workflows depending on your requirements, asset storage, direct publishing to the most popular channels, a shared ‘idea repository’ and an analytics package that integrates with Google Analytics, Moz, Oracle and many more.


There are three plans on offer, Lite ($25 per user p/m), Pro ($95 per user p/m) and Enterprise ($195 per user p/m). Those prices are when billed annually; they increase for paid monthly plans as standard.


You can probably tell from the pricing plans that DivvyHQ is a good option for small and medium organizations, though they do count Red Bull and Unilever among their customers. Its offering isn’t as sophisticated as some of the other tools in this feature, but there’s a reason it has won the Audience Choice Award for the top content creation and workflow platform from the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) two years in a row.

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Content marketing tools - NewsCred


NewsCred describes itself as ‘the global leader in enterprise content marketing’, so SMEs should look elsewhere. It offers a complete content marketing solution for brands with large marketing teams, including content syndication, original content creation (using freelancers), an editing dashboard to design text, images and infographics, and the option to create a WordPress-integrated content hub.

There’s also a robust enterprise-level workflow, an editorial calendar to ensure collaboration and planning, and a digital asset manager. Furthermore, NewsCred also comes with an analytics platform that provides detailed insights into ROI, conversions, and top performing content by a range of metrics.


NewsCred has a range of monthly packages – Basic, Core and Pro – which start from $2,950. There’s also an Enterprise option for super-sized brands.


While its pricing may not be for the faint-hearted, NewsCred doesn’t mess about with its commitment to improving your brand’s content marketing. The analytics platform is worth the expense alone, shining a light on where your content marketing could be working harder to generate ROI. Content syndication is a great feature, while the integration with social channels and even your CMS is seamless.

Oracle Content Marketing

Content marketing tools - Oracle Content Marketing


Formerly known as Compendium, Oracle Content Marketing (let’s call it OCM) is part of Oracle’s Marketing Cloud suite of products. It has four strands to its offering: content planning, collaboration and workflows, distribution and analytics.

The calendar feature enables users to see the entirety of their organization’s marketing activity all in one spot, while content can be broken down into market segments and even specific stages of the sale funnel. Workflows are impressively customizable, with email notifications and in-app indicators greasing the wheels, while the content distribution options are seemingly endless – giving marketing complete control over where your content goes and when.


Oracle doesn’t disclose any of its pricing plans, but expect to pay top dollar for a tool best suited to larger organizations.


OCM is an impressively comprehensive content management tool designed to empower marketing teams, giving them ownership of the content output without having to involve IT or product teams. The workflow process is high quality, and the whole package is also surprisingly intuitive for such a powerful enterprise-level tool.


Content marketing tools - Scoop.it


Scoop.it comes with a range of features to streamline your content marketing operation: curation, distribution, blog creation, a content hub, planning, management and analytics. The smart suggestion engine will retrieve content based on your relevant keywords and – as with Curata – it learns from your actions.

Content, original and curated, can be published or scheduled across websites and blogs, as well as to your social channels with a single click. There’s also a plug-and-play option to create a content hub, and a smart calendar that tells you where you need to plug content gaps in your schedule.


There’s a free option, as well as a Pro plan for $14.99 p/m and a full-feature Plus package for $67 p/m.


It could be argued that Scoop.it is a watered down version of Curata (many of the features are similar but with a smaller price tag). However, that would be doing it an injustice. Its content curation tool easily holds its own and is among the best we’ve seen (though why no negative keywords?), while its blog integration, intuitive smart calendar and Content Director are all impressive components of a powerful content marketing solution.

Don’t forget, sharing’s caring!

Have we missed your favorite content marketing tool? Let us know and we’ll take it for a test spin.

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