7 steps to outstanding content

Following the rapid rise of content marketing, there's now a vast quantity of blog posts, articles, videos, infographics and ebooks cluttering the internet.

Following the rapid rise of content marketing, there’s now a vast quantity of blog posts, articles, videos, infographics and ebooks cluttering the internet.

Content Marketing

More than half of organisations now have two or more people dedicated to content marketing and, on average, marketers spend more than a quarter of their budget on content marketing – with 24% now devoting more than 50% to content. The scale of this creates an equally big problem for content marketers: how do you get your content to stand out from the rest?

On April 28th, we’re taking part in a free webinar on innovative content marketing ideas, techniques and case studies. You’ll be able to hear from brands including Jamie Oliver Ltd and Twinings Tea, but in the meantime here are 7 ways to ensure a successful approach to content marketing.

  1. Get in the mindset of your audience

Does what you want to talk about match what your target audience wants to hear about? Profile your target audience and think about the challenges they face and what you can offer to make their lives easier. Good content should seek to educateempower or entertain.

  1. Be engaging

Valuable and empowering content is all very well, but if it isn’t engaging your reach will be limited. Create shareable content and encourage consumers to interact with it. If someone sees the content shared or recommended by someone they know and trust it can become much more powerful.

  1. Mix it up

As they say, ‘variety is the spice of life’. Keep posting the same kind of content and your audience will quickly lose interest, so keep your content looking fresh and interesting by incorporating blog posts, videos, pictures, news and polls and more.

  1. Be an expert

Keep away from the bland, “me too” posts. Instead, look at what you can bring to the table which is truly unique. You are a well-practised specialist in your subject area, so why not show it? Stick to the things you understand better than anyone else and before too long, you’ll begin cementing your reputation within your industry as a credible source and expert.

  1. Be strategic

Brilliant content isn’t thought up on the spot. Innovative, engaging content has a strategy holding it together with clear objectives and courses of action, either in the form of a content calendar, playbook or a campaign plan. 48% of B2B marketers have a content marketing strategy, and 35% percent have gone so far as to document their strategy. (Content Marketing Institute)

  1. Build momentum

One successful blog post and you’re done, right? No. To stand out from all the other pieces of great content you need to keep it coming regularly across all of your channels. Whether you post daily, weekly or monthly, be consistent. Don’t neglect your blog for months before going on a wild posting spree. As it is, 48% of B2C marketers and 42% of B2B marketers now publish more than once a week (Content Marketing Institute).

  1. Learn from your mistakes

Not every piece of content you produce will be a resounding success. Explore what works and what has less of an impact and modify your strategy accordingly. Use tools such as Google Analytics to measure web traffic and analyse your social analytics with platforms such as Shoutlet or Simply Measured.


With a clear strategy and these methods in place your business can establish its status as a reliable source of consistently insightful content. As the content marketing deluge continues to build and brands start to see reduced returns from their lack lustre efforts, your content will stand out from the crowd.

For innovative content marketing ideas, techniques and case studies, register for our free webinar on April 28th. Luke Brynley-Jones will be joined by Subi Gnanaseharam (Jamie Oliver Ltd), Nathalie Bosshard (Wander AG) and Adam Kay (Shoutlet).

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