8 essential grammar check tools for content marketers

Blogging is an integral part of your social media activity, but if you're too busy to proofread there are plenty of tools that can do it for you.

grammar check tools


Content marketing has evolved into an incredibly competitive field. So competitive that one spelling error or grammatical faux pas could lose you an edge over the competition.

Brands the world over publish millions of articles every day, and only those that are highly polished and well structured will stand out.

But not everyone has a dictionary-like command of the English language. So to give you a helping hand, here’s a list of nine essential tools to perfect your blog posts.


Grammar is such an important part of writing a blog post. Without it, your readers will find it extremely difficult to follow what you’re writing and may even find your language difficult to understand. ViaWriting gives you exclusive access to comprehensive grammar guidelines, ensuring that your work is spot on every time.

Boom Essays

Editing your blog posts before you upload them is also essential. However, it can take many years to learn how to perfect this practice. For the time being, use Boom Essays for complete guidelines on how to edit your work properly.


Looking to improve your writing skills and enhance your blog posts? EssayRoo is home to a range of writing tutors, on hand to help you to practice and hone your skills to perfection.

Proofread Bot

In need of an easy way to proofread your written work? Copy and paste or directly type in real-time into Proofread Bot for live feedback on your grammar, readability, spelling mistakes and any other writing errors you can think of.

Elaine Wilson, the editor for Elite Assignment Help, concurs: “Editing and proofreading can be such a difficult and time-consuming job to complete, especially if you’re proofreading your own work, it’s so easy to make mistakes. Using tools such as Proofread Bot make it easy to pick up the errors you may have missed. I use it all the time!”

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Word Counter

You may have a lot to say, but you can guarantee that your readers won’t want to sit and read thousands of words. You’ll also harm your SEO ranking if it’s too long. Instead, aim for 500-1,200 words with the majority of your posts. To keep track of this, use Word Counter to track your character and word count in real-time as your type.

Additionally, you can simply copy and paste your existing text in. It will also help to notify you of spelling mistakes in your work.

UK Writings

Sometimes, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to edit and proofread all your work, especially when you have readers waiting for you to upload. If this is the case, use UK Writings to source an expert writer who can do the job for you. They can even return your work completed in as little as three hours.

After the Deadline

If you’re looking for an offline grammar, spelling and editing proofreading app that you can use whenever and where you need to, After the Deadline could save you a ton of time. Free to download, ATD will check your spelling, your grammar and even your writing style to ensure it’s the best it can be before you upload.

Cite It In

Whether you’re quoting sources, references or citations, it can be difficult to make everything look professional, especially if your blogging platform refuses to format the way you want them to! If this is the situation you’re dealing with, use Cite It In for professionally formatting references, absolutely free.

Mary Walton is an editor at educational website Do My Homework. She also provides business writing consulting and creates online courses on proofreading and editing. Mary has a blog – Simple Grad and is also one of PhD thesis writers at Academized.

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