9 expert social media tips for FMCG brands

Standing out from the crowd on social media is a challenge in any sector, particularly for FMCG brands. Enhance your campaigns with our expert guide.

social media tips for fmcg brands

In a sector bursting at the seams with products and with consumers averse to switching between brands, social media can make all the difference. Get your campaigns right and you’ll start swinging the pendulum towards your brand.

Daniel Swepson of OST Marketing has worked with major brands such as Hartley’s Jam and Sun-Pat Peanut Butter. Here he presents nine expert tips that will help inform your FMCG social media strategy.

Tip 1: One size does not fit all

“Ensure your strategy plays to the platform’s strength. A lot of brands develop a social media strategy and roll it out across all platforms, when actually what they should be doing is breaking that strategy down and using social platforms to achieve different objectives.”

Tip 2: Consider value for money

“Awareness, audience growth, web traffic, app downloads and lead generation are all much more expensive on Twitter than they are on Facebook. Video views are the same across both platforms.”

Tip 3: Tap into Facebook

“Facebook works really well for spreading a brand’s message and getting people to view your content, whether that be a video or something hosted on a website.”

Facebook videos

Tip 4: Spread the word via Twitter

“Where Twitter comes into its own is with getting other people to spread your brand’s message. Influencer engagement is really key to a successful Twitter campaign.”

Tip 5: Recruit influencers – carefully

“Think carefully about your influencers. One individual with a large following doesn’t necessarily mean they’re a well suited influencer for your brand. Ensure the brand and the influencer go hand-in-hand. It’s now really clear when a brand has paid someone for a social media post, but mismatched brand and influencer content stands out like a sore thumb.”

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Tip 6: Consider Instagram ROI

“Instagram is the talk of the town with its regular new features, but be aware, the latest trends are never the cheapest or best for value. Think carefully about whether or not the return is going to be worth the investment.”

Instagram Stories

Tip 7: Is Snapchat for you?

“Snapchat is where the Millennials and Gen Zs are said to be at. However, it isn’t very brand friendly just yet and that kind of audience won’t be the right one for every brand.”

Tip 8: Go live

“Live content is the way forward. Consumers don’t want to see polished or air-brushed content from their favourite brands. They want behind the scenes, live and timely updates – this is evident with Instagram and Facebook updates.”

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Tip 9: Pip & Nut

“An FMCG brand that are working really well on social at the moment and I’m keeping my eye on is Pip & Nut.”

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