Authenticity and influencer marketing: Why it matters

Why is it so important for your influencer marketing campaigns to be authentic? If they aren't you risk losing followers and wasting budget.

authenticity and influencer marketing

Why is it so important for your influencer marketing campaigns to be authentic?

After all, surely the greatest asset to being an influential force is not to be accurate, but simply to have a large follower base and/or the capacity to convince and lead?

Not quite.

Authenticity is a much-coveted aspect of any influencer marketing campaign, and for good reason. If consumers think they’re being hoodwinked by an unconvincing celeb endorsement, your campaign will tank and a big slice of budget will go with it.

The importance of being authentic

Modern-day consumers are savvy enough to know what influencer marketing is, and that their favourite celeb is probably pocketing a few dollars for mentioning a product on social media.

But many are content to accept the ruse if the celeb in question has at least made an effort.

That clearly isn’t always the case, as the following screenshots illustrate. Reality TV stars Scott Disick and Ramona Singer, as well as model Naomi Campbell, fell into the unforgivable trap of simply copy-and-pasting the instructions they received from their PR contact.

authenticity and influencer marketing

authenticity and influencer marketing

authenticity and influencer marketing 1

There’s no such thing as bad publicity, so the saying goes, and many of the inevitable flurry of comments that each post attracted saw the funny side. However, the illusion of authenticity was shattered, and the resulting dissonance can break the reputation of even the most powerful influencer.

Authenticity of presentation

Even if an influencer is purely promoting a product for the money, they can still increase the effectiveness of the campaign by making an effort to give a portrayal of authenticity.

The influencer should try to be as true to their usual self as possible, even if the portrayal isn’t necessarily accurate.

So if a YouTube influencer is known for humourous video game reviews with a cynical edge, then you’ll need them to retain that style when promoting your product.

They’ll need to avoid use of formal language, keep reviews light-hearted and to the point, and show themselves as an Average Joe rather than as a professional reviewer.

Be real, not glitzy

This is why authenticity matters so much. You can have as many followers on Twitter or subscribers on YouTube as you like, but if people don’t think that your chosen influencer is giving a proper assessment of your products then the campaign will backfire badly.

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