Case study: How Bupa co-ordinates multiple teams on social media

Ahead of next week’s webinar on this topic, we’re talking to Charles Stanton, Group Social Media Manager at healthcare specialists, Bupa, and formerly of British Gas, about how...

Ahead of next week’s webinar on this topic, we’re talking to Charles Stanton, Group Social Media Manager at healthcare specialists, Bupa, and formerly of British Gas, about how his team integrates Marketing, Service and Sales on social media.

Charles Stanton

1. What are some of the biggest challenges you face when getting multiple teams collaborating across multiple social channels?

Being a global organisation our key challenge is standardised technology. Why should the social media team in Saudi Arabia be on the same social media CRM systems as the UK, especially when they’re often present on social media platforms inaccessible to UK-based tools? The key challenge is convincing our 20+ global teams that being part of one community and one system is better for our customers, while ensuring their local market objectives aren’t compromised.


2. How do you integrate the needs of different departments as part of your social media strategy?

At Bupa we find the key to meeting the needs of a diverse group of social stakeholders is a flexible set of social media tools that meet ever-evolving strategic requirements. From obtaining real-time insight, to quick triaging of customer enquiries to the relevant department, to monitoring journalist posts, it’s important that each team is empowered to be agile and reactive to new requirements using universally accessible platforms.


3. How do you ensure the right mentions (or opportunities) go to the right team?

Our teams are brilliant at triaging customer messages when needed using a global social CRM platform, which ensures teams are quickly and efficiently alerted if a customer communication is made on any of our channels. Proactive engagement is something we need to improve, however, and this is primarily down to available resource rather than a systems-based issue.


4. Do you have separate Twitter handles for different departments?

We have separate customer service handles in around a third of our markets, and the same for PR handles, with plans to roll out more in 2015. Doing so is primarily to ensure conversations are not crossing over into marketing and brand messaging.


5. How do you communicate data internally?

All teams have access to global data using their social CRM dashboards, however we also have a global social media report compiled using our own social insights tool built in collaboration with UCL. This gives us global social data in the form of a raw API which we plug into our data visualisation tool to provide deeper insights, which we circulate to senior stakeholders across the business in order to ensure we are proving the effectiveness of our social activity.


6. What are you planning for the future? How can you take integration further?

Bupa has begun a long journey into becoming a more ‘social’ business. Our next step is integrating our social CRM with marketing, web analytics and targeting platforms to allow a seamless 360 customer experience, but that’s a pretty big step and we won’t see this realised in 2015.


On Tuesday March 3rd, Charles will be discussing this topic alongside Yossi Erdman (, Adam Kay (Shoutlet) and our own Luke Brynley-Jones. For more details and to register, click here: #TotalSocialMedia: How to integrate marketing service and sales

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