Eat your selfie: 5 edible treats inspired by social media

Social media touches every part of our lives, so why should food and drinks be an exception? Inspired by the return of BBC's The Great British Bake Off,...

Social media touches every part of our lives, so why should food and drinks be an exception? Inspired by the return of BBC’s The Great British Bake Off, we’ve rounded up five of our favourite social media edible delights. Just don’t go tw-eat-ing them all at once! Sweet Hashtag

1. Boomf

As if marshmallows weren’t fun enough, you can now get these spongy sweets custom-printed with your Instagram and Facebook photos. Boomf is a British start-up, founded by James Middleton, the younger brother of Kate Middleton. And although he won’t confirm if nephew Prince George has tried a magic mallow, they’re sure to be a great hit with aunties threatening to “eat up” their cute relatives.

Courtesy: Boomf

2. ‘The Like Page’ Cocktail Menu

Now not only can you publish your evening out on social media, you can drink it as well! The Mandarin Oriental in New York City was among the first hotel to take popular social networking websites and turn them into cocktails as a way to boost their social media presence. Ever wonder what Twitter would taste like as an aperitif? Order yourself a Sweet Tweet and be sure to “share” a sip with your friends.

social media cocktails

3. Instagrahams

One part graham cracker, two parts creative genius. Throw in some fondant and you’ve got yourself a hit at your next party. #nofilter  Get the insta-credibly easy recipe from Bakerella.


4. Birds Eye Mashtags

Hands up if you’ve already spotted these in the frozen food isle. Fish finger pioneers Birds Eye have recently launched a new range of potato waffles called Mashtags. They come in various forms including hashtags, @symbols and emoticons. The new shapes are likely to get people talking around the dinner table, but remember kids, don’t tweet with your food. Birds Eye Mashtags

5. Twitter Cupcakes

If you’re already drooling, I don’t blame you. But before you click to place an order, know that these particular tasty treats, by Cakes and Cupcakes are only available in Mumbai. However, is it worth checking out their website, if only for the clever explanation of social media using cupcakes.

Twitter Cupcakes

So those are our five favourite social media-inspired bakes (and mixes) and I hope we haven’t made you too hungry (or thirsty). Let us know what you think, and feel free to share any of your favourites, in the comments section. Ready, set, tw-eat!

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