#Facebookdown: How brands take advantage on Twitter

When Facebook went down last Friday, the internet took to Twitter. Clever brands took notice and quickly jumped on the trending hashtag to heighten their reach. Here are...

Last Friday just before 5pm UK time, the world’s greatest social network experienced one of its rare outages, sending millions of users into a state of panic.

For nearly 30 minutes, Facebook users were unable to access their accounts or browse their timelines. Some of the most distraught even placed a call to the authorities.

Over on Twitter however, it was business as usual, and many took to joking and ranting about the unfortunate outage. Clever brands and personalities were quick to jump on to the trending hashtag #Facebookdown and within minutes quips and alternative suggestions were filling the Twitter feed. Here are several of our favourites

As this is the second outage Facebook has experienced in two months, you can bet it won’t be long before the next opportunity presents itself. So have a quick brainstorm now, and prepare your tweets accordingly.

Did you spot any other #Facebookdown gems? We’d love for you to add them in the comments below.

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