Four easy ways to get more Instagram followers

Looking for a quick way to boost your Instagram follower numbers? There's no silver bullet, but these four tactics are a very good place to start...

get more instagram followers

Instagram is by far my favourite channel to increase followers and engagement.

Even if your business isn’t particularly sexy, you can jazz it up in pictures and make them fun to interact with.

But the question I’m often asked is: how do I get my follower numbers up? There’s no instant fix, but there are a number of tactics you can employ that will slowly but surely increase your brand exposure and boost your follower numbers in the process.

1. Post regular images and videos

The more times people see your pictures appear in their news feed, the more likely they are to remember your business or product. This builds trust, which increases your chances of a consumer converting into a paying customer. Brands with more digital touchpoints are more likely to be selected by consumers, so don’t be shy.

Quick tip: As well as posting often, go heavy with hashtags too. Instagram allows a maximum of 30 per post, and while you don’t have to hit that limit every time, using at least a dozen relevant tags maximises the amount of exposure your new post will get.

2. Use Instagram Stories

They only have a 24-hour shelf life, but these little beauties don’t stop reminding your followers that you’ve uploaded up a story until they have watched it. Not only that, but popular Stories appear at the top of the Explore page, helping you gain an even wider reach and attract new followers to the cause.

I’ve seen some great ideas implemented with Stories: New product releases, reminders of new photos on Instagram, a tour of your workplace and a day in the life of one of your employees. Test out a few of these and see how you get on.

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3. Start liking photos

I tend to go on and like three or four pictures on a specific profile and then come back out. People love it when their photo has been liked, and normally reciprocate that with liking a few of your photos and possibly even following you.

This introduces the user to who you are and shows you have an interest in them and their pictures. If you’re serious about building your following, I would be spending about four hours a day doing this – initially at least.

4. Utilise the search feature

Click onto the search bar and start exploring hashtags that are specific to your industry. As you begin to type, various suggestions will start emerging and the function will display how many times that hashtag has been used.

Click on one of these and start scrolling through the images, then go ahead and like and comment on the photos that you enjoy. This is a great way of discovering content relevant to your brand, and alerting those potential new followers of your presence.

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