Four simple ways to get more Twitter followers

There's no quick and easy way to boost your Twitter followers, but there are some simple steps you can take to accelerate organic growth.

get more twitter followers

Personally I think that of all the social media platforms available to me as a business owner, Twitter is the best way to reach individuals on a one-to-one level.

But the question I’m often asked is: “How do I grow my following?”

We can’t all be Katy Perry or Donald Trump, but luckily there are a few tactics you can try to give those follower numbers a boost. There’s no silver bullet and patience and tenacity is required, but keep your eye on the prize and you’ll soon start reaping the rewards…

1. Tweet often

You’ll hear this all the time, I know, but posting regular content is the number one rule to using Twitter.

Also make sure you’re tweeting about current events and trends that your target audience will be interested in. Twitter is all about relevancy.

But remember that with an average tweet life of 10–15 minutes, you haven’t got long to make an impact. So tweet well and tweet often.

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2. Follow, follow, follow

The rule of thumb is that people won’t follow you unless you initially followed them. Of course there are some exceptions, but as standard practice most people won’t follow you unless you click that follow button first.

Think of it like this: you wouldn’t expect a stranger in a bar to buy you a drink unless you bought them one first.

So start following people within your industry. Connecting with relevant people and businesses will increase your exposure in your sector and will open you up to a whole new section of potential followers.

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3. Get searching

The search feature is your friend. Type in a few keywords that relate to your market sector, take a look through the resulting tweets and see if you can offer a solution to any problems people might be tweeting about.

Let’s say you run a sports clothing website and a Twitter user is bemoaning an out-of-stock item with one of your competitors. You could step right in and solve their problem for them – giving you a sale and a very satisfied new customer in the process.

People love airing their thoughts and problems on Twitter. It’s surprising how many business contacts and leads you can pick up through this approach.

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4. Keep it genuine

I get bombarded with 10–20 automated messages on a daily basis. With all of the tools on the market, it may seem like an easy option to send a bulk message to anyone who follows you.

But in fact it demonstrates laziness and a complete lack of interest, and it will earn you a first class ticket to the deleted folder.

Make sure you utilise the human element of Twitter and really put a face behind your brand. Nobody likes speaking to a bot, not even in this day in age.

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  1. Luke Brynley-Jones Reply

    These are all reliable methods. I spoke recently to a Twitter user who has (authentically) amassed 100k followers in the past few years. He puts it down to spending 1 hour per day curating tweets and engaging with relevant influencers, as well as his followers. It’s a big investment of time, but he has built a business around it.

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