Friends Reunited closes, Instagram usage doubles and Facebook releases trend insights

This week in social media seen the closure of one of the UK's first social networks, evidence of Instagram's popularity, Facebook's study on key trends and Pinterest sharing...

This week in social media seen the closure of one of the UK’s first social networks, evidence of Instagram’s popularity, Facebook’s study on key trends and Pinterest sharing new insights. Enjoy!

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Instagram continues rapid growth

Instagram is fast becoming the marketers social media platform of choice, a trend that ties in nicely to their plan for getting smaller businesses on side through further Facebook integration. Figures show that popularity of the picture-sharing app has continued on a good upward trend. It is predicted that by 2017 business usage will reach a staggering 70.7% (US statistic), which may be bad news for the likes of Twitter.

Although Twitter itself is in transition it is struggling to keep up and usage has plateaued at 65.8% of businesses, a measly 1.3% growth from 2015-2016. This will give CEO, Jack Dorsey, more head scratching to do in an attempt to rejuvenate the stagnating social media platform.

Friends Reunited closes down

One of the UK’s first ever social media platforms is to say goodbye. Friends Reunited has fallen behind the times and is now no longer “used for the purpose it was built for”, according to Adam Timworth (co-founder). Created in 2000 when the likes of Facebook wasn’t even conceived of, Friends Reunited was one of the first of its kind, helping – at it’s peak – 23.8 million Brits search out and find long lost friends, acquaintances, girlfriends or boyfriends. Although this is sad news, Co Founder Steve Pankhurt is launching another social network named Liife. We’ll be sure to cover its birth when it launches. social media round up blog pic 3

Pinterest reveals male and female searches

Pinterest has released data about the most searched pins, separated between male and female users respectively. Although we are still yet to hit the end of the first month of this year it may be worth looking through the list to see what’s hot in the world of Pinterest.  

Innocent Smoothies promote penguin awareness

We’ve all probably done it at some stage. Looking through ‘National Day’ listings looking for non-events that are remotely connected with your products. Innocent Smoothie’s Twitter page, for one, has shown that you can successfully integrate almost any subject.

Penguins and smoothies don’t have much in common but Innocent still went ahead and devoted their twitter page to Penguin Awareness day with seemingly great success. Their witty coverage amused many and certainly won us over.


Facebook study transformational trends

This interesting Facebook IQ study explores how social media and technology is impacting on how people around the globe feel. The results brought up some key areas of focus. According to the study, our health or “Personal Sustainability” has been brought to the fore – with the use of technology for health monitoring on the rise, as is posting and discussion of health on social media.

“Mobile empowerment” is on the rise for people in developing countries. Apparently 73% of participants in Nigeria felt that society would become fairer when more people are connected to the internet. “Reinventing rituals”, including courtship and the desire to connect has remained the same but a shift in the way we live has changed the way we try to find our soulmate. Social media plays a big part in this now, with conversation on modern courtship up 73% across 4 markets.

In order to “make best use” of social networks we must, apparently, “understand these elements and see how the wider fabric of human connection is being woven”, according to Andrew Hutchinson, writing for SocialMediaToday.

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#MuttBombing campaign: results in!

You may be aware of this campaign, but I wanted to highlight it here as it’s such a simple but effective idea – and a great example of content curation. Muttbombing was a campaign carried out by Dallas Pets Alive with the aim of increasing the adoption of dogs in shelters. The idea is simple, find any selfie on instagram that has a reasonable level of engagement, photoshop a picture of a shelter dog into it, hence the term #Muttbombing, tag the the original person who posted the image and add a little message from the dog.

The results were impressive: 187 million media impressions, 55% increase in adoptions and an incredibly cost effective almost $0.00 investment.

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