Have you tried the amazing new LinkedIn mobile app?

The long awaited re-design of LinkedIn's mobile app has been launched on the App and Google play store. The big question is: has LinkedIn addressed common complaints about...

On 1st December LinkedIn re-launched it’s mobile app – and they’ve rebuilt it from scratch. Here’s our quick review…

The long awaited re-design of LinkedIn’s mobile app has been launched on the App and Google play store and LinkedIn seems to have addressed common complaints about the old mobile platform being messy and disjointed. The new layout has been tweaked in a way which makes the app much, much easier to navigate.

The app now consists of five main tabs, which are:

Home – This tab allows you to view the latest news and trends happening within your industry allowing you to stay up to date with your chosen field of work. The content you see in the home tab is based on your job title, interests and skills that you have listed on your profile page.

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Messenger – LinkedIn has integrated a simplified and quick messaging platform that is very similar to Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. No longer do you have to use InMail (like email) and wait for a response, now you can have a real time conversation and get a prompt response.

Search – The search tool has not changed much functionally, it still allows you to search for jobs, people and groups. However, LinkedIn have said that the capability of the app has improved and is “now 300% faster, and a lot smarter”.

My Network – This allows you to stay in touch with the connections in your network. Any changes in jobs, new skills acquired and anniversaries can all be found on this tab. A clever feature of this tab is calendar synchronisation. By syncing your calendar you will get alerted by LinkedIn about your scheduled meetings. Not only that but LinkedIn will “prompt” you to look at the profile of the person you are meeting with “details on what shared connections or interests they have” making first time meetings with potential clients or employers more successful.

Me – This is all about you! You can see who has engaged with your posts or who is keeping an eye on your profile. It is also possible to change your profile and “offers the most intuitive way of updating your profile” ensuring that your personal branding is the best it can be.

Have you used the new LinkedIn app yet? Tell us what you think.

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