Hotel marketing using Facebook – an infographic

Hotel marketing can be a tough beast to tame, but you can help your hotel stand out from the crowd with the help of our Facebook infographic.

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The internet and other ancillary technology such as smartphones and tablets have made monumental changes to our world today; it’s also made a massive impact on the hospitality industry.

We have witnessed the advent of the review generation whereby people have platforms like TripAdvisor, Facebook and so on to make comments and reviews about meals they’ve had in restaurants and accommodation they’ve experienced in hotels.

While of course this is important feedback for the industry, it means that it has created a space which needs to be actively monitored and this requires resources.

Hotels have to monitor platforms like Facebook not only from a customer service angle, but also to maintain their own presence as well as keep an eye on content that relates to them.

Facebook has over 2 billion users, so it’s a platform that simply cannot be ignored. With so much data in its system, Facebook also presents a realistic opportunity where there is available budget to target both existing and potential customers.

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Your hotel management needs to ensure someone is responsible for managing the hotel’s social media profiles. Even if you don’t plan on doing any paid advertising, the page will need to be monitored and updated regularly. This might require training or it could be siphoned out to a social media agency, who have experience in dealing with this type of work.

The infographic below from the people at Ard na Sidhe hotel outlines what hoteliers need to know when it comes to Facebook marketing. It highlights some interesting statistics, indicates how to amend and optimise your basic profile, and also pinpoints some advice on what to do next to grow your Facebook presence.

Hotel marketing using Facebook

Facebook Marketing & Hotels - Infographic (2)

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