How brands spark engagement on Vine

With the assortment of social media channels now available online, brands have had to get more creative. Launched in January, Vine’s innovative design has made it possible for...

With the assortment of social media channels now available online, brands have had to get more creative. Launched in January, Vine’s innovative design has made it possible for brands to connect with their consumers like never before.

Burberry London Fashion Week

Why is it noteworthy? Here are a few fast facts:

  • A Vine link is tweeted every 12 seconds
  • A branded Vine Is four times more likely to be seen than a branded video
  • In April 2013 Vine was the most downloaded app in the Apple store
  • If every vine user recorded one vine video they would create >2,334 hours of footage, more than the lord of the rings trilogy looped 2500 times.

How do you use Vine to spark engagement and create excitement?

In the fashion sector Vine was used extensively by brands and guests during London Fashion Week. British luxury fashion house Burberry is the best example of a brand fully embracing Vine as part of their social media strategy. During London Fashion Week they were actively engaging with fans and showcasing a variety of content, ranging from celebrity spotting to behind the scenes footage of models preparing for the show.

This buzz enabled Burberry to effectively steal the show with over 10,000 of the total 180,000 mentions using the hashtag #LFW being about Burberry. Interestingly, it was also uncovered that celebrity guests played a large part in Burberry’s social success, with the likes of Harry Styles and Sienna Miller being mentioned in 60 percent of Burberry related posts. To generate further hype, Burberry filmed their videos using the new untested iPhone 5S, resulting in a significant amount of interest amongst Apple and Apple fans with 8,772 iPhone 5 mentions linked to Burberry.

This is clearly a brand that understands what their audience wants to see. They use Vine as a way of taking their fans behind the scenes, exposing daily life inside the brand and featuring otherwise hidden scenes of major events. In return, their fans (celebrities included) are happy to amplify the buzz and ensure it reaches millions.

As a customer service channel Twitter enables brands to communicate directly with customers and solve problems in real time. However, with the increasing popularity of Vine, brands can now offer more visual support and have an opportunity to respond to their customers in a way which fosters creativity and generates higher levels of engagement. NatWest has been one of the first brands seen to be using Vine as a customer service channel. Working with MC&Saatchi, Natwest created engaging quirky videos to assist with some of the most commonly asked questions on Twitter. Roll out started on the 5th August 2013 – their main priority was to provide NatWest’s consumers with a clear and simplified vision of what they need to do.  Their presence on Vine has now gone on after this campaign ended. This time, though, they are aimed their posts at students about to head off to university –  in their #uniproof campaign.

As the app grows in popularity, brands are increasingly using it as a larger part of their marketing campaign, rather than just a niche social platform. Dunkin Donuts recently claimed a world first for its unique use of video sharing, using Vine to create a TV commercial.

With the aim of targeting a younger audience, the ad was created entirely on Vine. Because consumers aren’t as engaged by commercials, due to distractions from other devices, the 6-second advert is more likely to be seen from start to finish, and gets the message across more succinctly.  Using Vine was a way to encourage consumers to continue to watch rather than switching off. The Dunkin Donuts Vine profile now has over 14,000 followers and is growing daily.

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