3 ways digital marketing agencies can stand out from the crowd

Filling the top of your sales funnel means ensuring your agency stands out from the crowd. A mixture of marketing techniques, branding, and a specific niche mean you'll...

Knowing how to stand out from the crowd in order to attract and convert new clients is an inevitable challenge for all B2B organisations, but the digital marketing industry has become fiercely competitive and is feeling this challenge more than most.

Whether you specialise in web design, SEO, social media, email, PPC or content marketing, you’ll have new competitors popping up left, right and centre. At the same time, there are a growing number of clients that are leaving agencies and choosing to bring aspects of their marketing in-house.

In this post, we look at 3 things every agency and consultant can do in order to stand out from the crowd. For an in-depth look at this topic, you can also download our free white paper: Growing your digital marketing agency: how to attract and convert new clients.

Standing out from the crowd

  1. Find a niche

It can be quite difficult to establish what separates one agency from another, with websites often containing very generic sections about “who we are” and “what we do”.

In order to really demonstrate what makes you different, Dave Chaffey, editor of marketing advice website Smart Insights, suggests a very focused approach to content marketing:

“Agencies need to cut through the crowd by using a different approach to their competitors. I think content marketing that surrounds your area of expertise is a great way to achieve that.” 

Rather than using your blog to write about the same tips or industry news as every other digital agency, think about what content you could produce that people just can’t get anywhere else. Even if you specialise in a similar service to other agencies, Tamsin Fox-Davies from Constant Contact urges us to think about how niches can be layered:

“It may be that the subject you specialise in is layered on top of the industry you specialise in, and that is layered on top of your locality.” 

A similar niche to other agencies isn’t necessarily a problem if you focus on a different industry, a different sized organisation or a different location. Often, this can be enough of a distinction to ensure you (and your content) stand out.

  2. Credibility

Of course it isn’t only the services on offer that separate agencies from other competitors, there’s also the matter of credibility – ‘what makes you an expert in this field?’

Different clients will look for different qualities. Some may want to know what awards you’ve won, others will want to know who your existing clients are and whether you’ve worked with similar organisations to them. And some will be more interested in what qualifications you have and your industry experience. If you put all of that together, you end up with a clear picture of your unique selling point and what you can offer.

  3. Branding

Branding offers a further opportunity to distinguish yourself from others in your industry. As small business consultant, Kathy Ennis, explains:

“The branding of the organisation needs to be the first point of contact. It is the process of creating that differentiation point between you and somebody who does something very similar to what you do”.

In many respects, it is the values and identity of your organisation that you’re marketing to potential customers, far beyond your colour palette and logos. In fact, the people working for the business are usually the differentiation point – and that needs to be incorporated for your prospects to see on the website, in your social media persona and content marketing.

For an in-depth look at growing your digital marketing agency, you can now download our free white paper: How to attract and convert new clients. It features insights and advice from some of the UK’s top digital marketing experts.

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