Increase your Twitter Ads performance with Tailored Audiences

Whether you’re new to Twitter ads or a seasoned pro, Tailored Audiences is a great way to target (and re-target) people who have previously engaged with your brand....

Whether you’re new to Twitter Ads or a seasoned pro, it’s easy to get comfortable using the same targeting tools for your Promoted Accounts or Promoted Tweet campaigns. Something you may not have yet tried is Tailored Audiences, which allows you to target (and re-target) a select group of people who have previously engaged with your brand.

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Having launched their first iteration in December 2013, Twitter’s Tailored Audiences has come a long way. It now offers three main ways of targeting your audience.

  • Lists: Upload your own list of email addresses, Twitter IDs, even phone numbers
  • Tags: A little snippet of code on your website that tracks visitor data
  • Mobile apps: Tracks data about people using your mobile app through conversion tracking


This first type of Tailored Audiences requires you to upload a list containing your own previously collected data, which is then cross-listed with active Twitter users.

For example, with an email list of current customers, you can reach those of whom are on Twitter with Promoted Tweets about a new product or offer. Alternatively, you can source a list of Twitter users and target those interested in a specific topic.

Acceptable list formats include email addresses, mobile phone numbers, Twitter IDs or usernames and mobile advertising IDs.

But lists aren’t without their limitations. For example, to be valid lists require that a minimum of 500 emails or IDs are connected to active Twitter accounts. So if you had a list of 2,000 emails for instance, at least 1 in 4 would need to be active Twitter users. Depending on the audience demographic, this can easily rise to 5,000 or more.

To set up a list audience, sign in to your Twitter account and go to Go to Tools, select Audience Manager and follow the steps to upload your list. Supported file formats are .csv and .txt, the maximum file size is 5 GB and your list can be separated by new lines or commas.

Once the list has been approved, you are free to use it in any Twitter ad campaigns.


Similar to other website targeting tools, Twitter will create a snippet of code to place on your site which collects visitor data and then allows you to re-market to those same users on Twitter.

It can be very useful for brands whose goal is to convert visitors into new customers.

For example, let’s say a user visits your site but leaves before completing a purchase or conversion. That piece of code (or tag) Twitter gave you when you set up the campaign now allows you to serve Promoted Tweets to that same user on Twitter.

Once you have installed your website tag you can set up a Promoted Tweet campaign, although Twitter recommends you wait at least one week before running any ad campaigns.

To set up a website tag, go to Tools, select Conversion Tracking and follow the steps to create your website tag.

Mobile apps:

This last subset of Tailored Audiences is really only an option if you have a mobile app on offer. It allows you to target your ads for installs, purchases or engagements.

In a recent workshop, Twitter suggested that when it comes to apps their users “do more and buy more” with 58% of users having installed an app in the last month. And by using Tailored Audiences you can drive awareness and acquisition where it counts.

For example, if a user has installed your app, but not opened or signed in, you can use Tailored Audiences to target specific tweets with a call to action to ‘Open’ instead of ‘Install.’

The mobile app marketing funnel below, provided by Twitter, explains the process in greater detail.


To set up a mobile app, go to Tools, select App Manager and follow the steps to add your first app.

Tailored Audiences may at first seem intimidating, but like any new system, you’ll soon learn the process and, hopefully, see a substantial return. You may also want to check out our 5 incredibly smart tips to increase your Twitter ad performance right now.

Have you tried running Tailored Audience campaign? What were your results?

If you’re interested in Tailored Audiences and need some help getting started, please don’t hesitate to get in touch for an informal chat.

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