Instagram Ads: what’s on offer?

It was only a matter of time, and that time is finally upon us, Instagram ads have opened up for everyone to use. With over 300 million monthly...

It was only a matter of time, and that time is finally upon us, Instagram ads have opened up for everyone to use.

Although sponsored Instagram ads came out towards the back end of 2013, they were only on offer to a limited number of companies. Now, having gained over 300 million monthly users, the Facebook owned picture app has opened its doors to all businesses and, doubtless, is set to become an important marking tool – alongside Facebook Ads and Twitter Ads – for businesses large and small.

So, what’s on offer?

Instagram has, in its own words, used technology that “leverages the best of Facebook’s ad infrastructure” and provided a “new self-serve biddable platform”. This basically means that the user has more control over how they want to structure their ad campaign and it will be easier to target specific audiences based on their interests, likes and dislikes. Previous results have proved very promising with “97% of measured campaigns” generating “significant lifts in ad recall”.

The addition of Instagram’s new ad formats has only improved company’s advertising objectives. There are three different types of sponsored content on offer. Image ads, video ads and carousel ads. These offer a simple but good range of content formats to use.  As a result of this, according to the Instagram press release, companies such as Glite group and have posted an 85% lift in app installs and a 10% increase in order value respectively.

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Off-site links are also being tested within the new ad platform, which is bound to be music to the ears of companies seeking new sources of valuable web traffic.

With these kinds of developments (and results), even at a relatively early stage in the social network’s advertising maturity, Instagram Ads look to be the next, ‘next big thing’ in social media advertising.

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